Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Figarti: New Releases

More Russian and German vehicle and figure sets here for you to marvel at, all executed in the inimitable Figarti style, and all available in the UK from Clive at Grey Goose Collectibles

'Under Fire' priced at £65

The infamous Maxim machine gun, complete with two crew figures and priced at £75

A winterised T34-85, priced at £185

A German 81mm mortar complete with a full complement of crew figures, priced at £110

The first Tiger! Priced at £220

Clive, together with some of Figarti's masterful creations, will be attending the Birmingham Toy Soldier Show next Sunday, as will I. With any luck, I'll be walking away with one of those cute little German tanks with the rockets on the sides! Oh the joy of it! Happy hunting, folks!

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