Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: October Releases

One or two of these releases have already been previewed in a September update I posted towards the end of last month, most notably the rather lovely anti-tank gun and crew figures, but they're so lovely I thought I'd post about them again so without further ado, over to the TGM figures and let them do the rest of the talking!

This month sees the release of our 3rd Anniversary set and rather
than make the normal HMG with Lafette stand we have made an artillery piece.
Most of you will know from last month's dispatches we are commemorating the
70th anniversary of Gunther Halm winning his Knights Cross at Ruweisat Ridge
in North Africa in 1942. In the action Halm and his crew personally accounted
for 9 British Valentine tanks destroyed, with another 6 hit and put out of
action. Halms artillery piece was hit several times and eventually also put
out of action; fortunately for him the remainder of the 21st Panzer Division
arrived in the nick of time and put the British force to flight. At the time
19 yr old Gunther Halm was the youngest recipient of the KC and was
personally awarded the medal by Rommel himself at a ceremony shortly

SS041 Anniversary Set features a PAK40 cannon, 3 crew members, 2 boxes of
ammunition and some spare shells to bring your dio to life. Please note the A version is the Normandy version and the B version is the DAK Gunther Halm Anniversary set

The Normandy version features an SS crew in action somewhere in Europe in
1944/45. Personally I love the colour scheme of this version and I am sure
it will find a place in many collectors' homes. Price is $140 and both versions are limited to 150 pieces

WH001 SdKfz 252 Tractor Unit is a useful little vehicle for all you German
vehicle fans in need of something to resupply your tanks at the frontline.
Based on the Demag chassis a total of 400 units were manufactured before
production switched over to the SdKfz 250/6 variant. Those tractors still
serviceable were then sent to Luftwaffe airfield and other rear combat
areas,  and some units still had these vehicles on their strength as late as
winter 1944. WHOO01B is suitable for the Russian winter or Battle of the Bulge, in the
markings of the 9th Panzer Division. Priced at $135 and limited to 150

We have equipped our vehicle with an ammunition trailer to increase its load
carrying capacity and although no crew figures are provided both top hatches
do open and close. WH001C is an early war grey colour scheme in the markings of 7th Panzer
Division. All you need to complete your diorama is Rommel stood next to it
drinking coffee and eating a sandwich! Priced at $135 and limited to 110

WH001A is suitable for a Normandy or Russian summer scenario and is in the
markings of the 9th Panzer Division. Priced at $135 and limited to 150

SS040 SdKfz 234/4
Following on from our successful Puma we have launched the last version of
the SdKfz 234. The 234/4 had a long barrelled 7.5cm PAK40 fitted, with a
total of 89 produced before the war ended. Designed to give anti tank
support to other armoured cars, these vehicles performed admirably in their
designed role until the bitter end in 1945

Our version comes with a detachable crew member listening to his radio and
detachable road space rods. This will avoid breakages in transit of these
delicate parts. When you receive your model you can insert or leave the rods
out depending on your preference. Once again available in 2 versions
suitable for winter Battle of the Bulge or spring 1945. Both the winter and
spring versions come in the markings of the 116th 'Windhund' Division.
Priced at $159 and available now with 150 of each version produced

Once again, some more super releases from TGM, I'm sure you'll agree! Until next time, happy hunting!

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