Tuesday, 23 October 2012

JJD fans are in for a treat this month, and indeed next, with the announcement of a number of stunning releases available in November. Enough from me, more from JJD!

November Releases

The November releases are now available for Pre-Order now at JJD UK.
The first of the much anticipated World War I hangars has arrived, the German Hangar, these stunning models make the perfect backdrop to a German airfield diorama.
What would this stunningly liveried Camel be without the most decorated Canadian of the war, Captain William G. Barker himself?
The French ace pilot and adventurer, a veritable Evil Knievel of World War I aces, Charles Nungesser makes a welcome arrival, cigarette in hand, on the airfield.
The first two of five, not including the pilot, British ground crew figures has arrived in the form of the “Chocs Away” starter set.
The assault on Leuthen gains momentum with the addition of two Advancing Prussian Grenadiers. This collection is really coming into it’s own and exceeding expectations.
The Peninsular War collection expands with the addition of two more wonderfully colourful Spanish Guerrillas, loading and firing.
The battlefields of the Spanish Civil War rumble underfoot with the arrival of the Soviet version of the BT-5 fast Tank.
Sudan collector’s are in for a treat with the release of the beautiful Baqqara Lancer and Wounded Horse – just remember to tell the significant other that ‘it is okay the horse is just sleeping.’
After a near legendary and peculiarly mysterious disappearance last year Baron Von Santa makes a jovial return to the Knights of the Skies, let’s hope he thinks we’ve all been good boys and girls.
All pre-orders will be shipped as soon as they arrive, which should be early-Mid November.

Collector’s Club

The Collector’s Club is offering two superb new sets for preview and pre-order. The collector’s club models are made to a limited edition run based on the number that are pre-ordered and, unlike a number of other sets, they are not re-made. The preview period for both of these exclusive sets ends on the 31st October 2012.
JJCLUBSET-12 Battle On The Monongahela 1755, Lieutenant Francis James Buchanan, and Light Coehorn Mortar. Buchanan was a lieutenant in the Royal Artillery. He was wounded at the Battle of the Monongahela. He was later to be promoted to captain in 1759
JJCLUBSET-14 Battle On The Monongahela 1755, Mortar Wagon. Braddock’s train of artillery consisted of, six brass 6pdr cannons, four brass 12 pdr cannons, four 8 inch brass howitzers, and fifteen, 4 2/5in brass Coehorn mortars. These light Coehorn mortars could have been transported on flat truck carriages. This model is based on the reproduction at Fort Ligonier Museum

Advancing Prussian Grenadiers from the Seven Years War

Happy hunting!

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