Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Warfare Magazine: Latest Issue

Well, what do you know, three weeks into October and this is my first post of the month! Shame on me! My only excuse is that it's been one heck of a busy month and I've been up to my eyes with work and family commitments. Hey ho. I have a bit of free time now and I intend to make the most of it

First up, the latest issue of Warfare Magazine looks like a jolly good read and if you haven't actually 'subscribed' to it yet then I strongly suggest you do, it's great!

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Amongst other things on offer in this month's issue you will be able to enjoy the following articles and features

As Autumn dawns and Remembrance Sunday approaches, Warfare features a First World War story a little different from the norm: a look at the courts martial of a British soldier executed for murder during the First World War. Murderous Tommies by Mark Dunning and Julian Putkowski – an active supporter of the 'Shot at Dawn' war pardons campaign – explores the details of the case of Alexander Chisholm who, in April 1915, shot a fellow soldier and was executed.

Read more about the authors, their extensive research into the subject and ideas for future projects in the Author Spotlight

Warfare features articles on Operation Sealion – the proposed invasion of Britain following the Fall of Dunkirk in June 1940, and on Britain's Defences during the Battle of Britain, 1940.

2012 saw the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele – the Third Battle of Ypres – and Warfare featured articles on the final memories of the war by those who were there in Britain's Last Tommies at Passchendaele by Richard Van Emden, and Jack Sheldon's account of the German Experience at Passchendaele, including footage from the battlefields.

This year also saw the 70th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid, an account of which features in the article by Tim Saunders: Dieppe – Operation Jubilee.

Tunisia's Toll
Readers who enjoyed Bryn Evans' article With the East Surreys in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy 1942-45 will be interested to know that Bryn has penned a second article on the East Surrey Regiment during the Second World War, this time focusing on the Tunisian campaign in April and May 1943. Click here to read the article...

An interview with military historian Paul Reed discussing his consultancy role on the BBC documentary series Dig WW2 and what went on behind the scenes, a look at the work of the group Waterloo200 by Gemma Bagshaw and the upcoming 200-year anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, plus their efforts to introduce the Napoleonic Wars into schools, and a report by In Memoriam 2014 project officer Annette Gaykema, about the recent excavations in the Somme village of La Boisselle. 

As already said, it really is a thoroughly enjoyable bed time read and well worth adding to your lists. Subscribe today!


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