Tuesday, 23 October 2012

First Legion: New Releases and Upcoming Goodies!

A number of figures sets already previewed are now on sale and ready for dispatch, notable amongst them being US Airborne, Vietnam, ACW Confederate and AWI Continental infantry figures

Now on to the new releases, starting with a special Napoleonic series depicting the demise of Marshal Lannes. The series comprises three sets, the stricken Lannes attended by Napoleon and the army surgeon Larrey, the onlooking Baron de Marbot, and a grenadier of the 7th Line Infantry Regiment

Next up is a brand new vehicle capable of pulling the beautiful German artillery piece the company created a while back. This one is sure to delight many a collector. Imagine just how magnificent this will look with the aforementioned gun slung on the back of it!

First Legion is pleased to present the latest vehicle for our Battle of Stalingrad figure range, the iconic SdKfz 7 8 Ton Prime Mover of the 14th Panzer Division! This incredibly detailed vehicle is has been a long time coming as we had always meant to produce it to tow our 150mm Howitzer

When we created that gun in 2011, we purposely designed it so that the gun trails opened and closed and we provided the complete limber setup to go with it because we knew down the road we would provide this superb towing vehicle. So limber up and get those guns on the move!

This extremely detailed and accurate model has a wide variety of configuration options making it perfect for displays either on the move or stationary and it comes with a wonderfully painted driver figure as well as options for both a retracted roof or fully closed roof display

When displayed stationary, sets GERSTAL030 and 31 are wonderful complements to it as they can be loading up the rear compartments which fully open and close on both sides of the model. Further, we have created a new Vehicle Stowage set GERSTAL048 that has been designed to fit perfectly into the rear metal racks of this model (though it can of course be used with other vehicles as well, particularly the Opel Blitz). Finally, sets GERSTAL033 and GERSTAL044 Seated Passengers fit perfectly in the back as shown 

As if that weren't enough, FL have just announced the imminent release of yet another new series of figures [and this one has most certainly got me salivating] and another vehicle. Take a gander at these little beauties

We are very pleased to present a few previews of some upcoming additions to our WWII figure range. It has long been speculated what some "camo" WWII Germans might look like done in our unique figure making style and we are pleased to finally answer that question with this preview of our new Waffen SS figures. We certainly hope they prove worth the wait and live up to expectations! [I'm sure they will - ed]

A close up of the machine gun team

My keyboard is soaking wet, so I'm going to take a break while I clean it up! Happy hunting!

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