Tuesday, 23 October 2012

King and Country: Dispatches

As ever, all the figures previewed in last month's post are now available for sale and dispatch including all the winter Germans, the early production Tiger 1, the 222 armoured car, the Coldstream Guards and the little vignette celebrating the wedding of William and Kate. So, what's in store for November? Read on and find out!

Let's start off with some soldiers from 'down under' in the shape of half a dozen more light horsemen, this time having been forced to dismount and fight on foot, as per the role of the light dragoon! I particularly like the figure of the trooper attempting to comfort his fatally wounded companion


AL039 “The Charger”
We’ve had many requests to produce another “bayonets forward” trooper on a galloping horse and here he is

AL040 “Goodbye Old Girl”
Inspired by an original WWI painting by Fortunino Matania… this forlorn trooper kneels by his fallen horse comforting the dying beast

AL041 “Officer w/ Pistol”

AL042 “Standing Firing”

AL043 “Standing Loading”
AL044 “Lying Firing”

Next up, some WW2 Americans ready to do battle at 'The Bulge', that famous winter conflict that always inspires a few new releases from K&C at this time of year, and why not!


BBA054 “The M4A3E8 Easy-Eight SHERMAN”
This is actually the first “real” Easy Eight K&C has ever produced… Many moons ago… around 1999 we manufactured aHybridthat utilized a proper “Easy Eight” turret complete with 76mm gun but we “married” it to the body of an Israeli “Isherman”.
Now, this time it’s the “real-deal”… It’s big, bold and brassy and it’s one helluva tank… And it’s “snow-camouflaged” as well



BBA061 “Kneeling Loading Rifle”
BBA062 “Standing Firing Rifle”

BBA063 “Advancing BAR Gunner”

          BBA064 “Advancing Radio Man”

From France during the Second World War we travel to Egypt during the time of one of France's most famous sons, namely one Napoleon Bonaparte. K&C have produced some marvellous camel riders for their Napoleon in Egypt range


This popular and colourful series just gets bigger and better… Here’s the latest…

NE018 “Standing Guides Officer”
Faced with a desperate shortage of cavalry in Egypt, Napoleon ordered the formation of a regiment mounted on camels!
Instead of using regular cavalry he chose infantrymen from his many demi-brigades to make up the strength of his new unit.
These soldiers enjoyed the same privileges and pay as Dragoons and were uniformed in, as Napoleon described it, “The Oriental Style” with huge off-white cloaks and baggy, loose fitting pantaloons.
Here are our first selection…

NE028 “Camel Cavalier w/Musket”
Musket held aloft and scanning the horizon

NE029 “Camel Cavalier with Baggy red pantaloons”

NE030 “Camel Cavalier w/Rifle Across”
NE031 “The Leader”

NE032 “The Bugler”

Finally, but by no means least, a few more additions to the revamped Classic Germans range, complete with a winter camouflaged [whitewashed] Tiger 1!


Dressed in dust-covered field-grey these Wehrmacht “soldaten”are a useful “add-on” to our first four field-grey “classics” issued in October

WS211 “Unteroffizier w/ Schmeisser”
WS212 “Kneeling Ready”
WS213 “Kneeling w/ Ammo Box”
WS214 “Wait!”
WS215 “Just Looking” 

WS220 “The Winter Tiger1”
The second of our new, early-production models of this iconic German tank. This second version has been given a thin coat of whitewash to help camouflage it… Already however the original “fieldgrau” is showing through
        The vehicle comes with a new Tank Commander figure
So what's being retired this month? Here is the list, and there are four items on it that I want in my collection. How about you? Until next time, happy hunting!

AK041 “Marching AK Officer”
AK042 “Marching AK Sergeant”
AK043 “Marching AK Corporal”
AK048 “Marching AK Rifleman”
AK054 “AK Newsreel Crew”
AK055 “New Machine Gun Crew”
AK056 “Rifle Section”
AK057 “Attack Group”
FOB057 “Wehrmacht marching officer”
FOB058 “Wehrmacht marching rifleman”
FOB059 “Wehrmacht Bugler”
LOJ005A “Standing Camel”
LOJ005B “Grazing Camel”
LOJ005C “Sitting Camel”
MG015 “Advance to Contact”
MG018 “Manning the PIAT”
MG019 “Anti-tank Gun Set”
MG021 “Lying Firing Sten Gun”
RTA011A “Standing Mexican (No Moustache)”
RTA011B “Standing Mexican (with Moustache)”
RTA013 “Wounded Mexican”
RTA021 “Joseph Kerr, LA - Firing Pistols”
RTA024 “John Forsyth, NY - w/Musket Bayonet”
WS163 “Talking Tankers”
WS164 “Kneeling HJ Officer”
WS172 “Hitlerjugend, Casualty Evacuation”
WS174 “Walking Wounded”
        WS175 “Summer Raupenschlepper”

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