Saturday, 23 March 2013

First Legion: New and Coming Soon

The First Legion post this month has a distinctly 'ancient' theme with a focus on a newly announced range and a sneak preview of some figures soon to be added to an already existing range that is proving very popular with collectors

First Legion is very pleased to announce our latest figure range, the World of the Greeks!!!  Following in the footsteps of the runaway success of our Glory of Rome range we are turning our talents to another range from the Ancient World, specifically Ancient Greece. Our initial launch covers Greek Hoplites, but the range will expand to Macedonian Phalanxes, Companion Cavalry, and enemies of Greece such as Darius and the mighty Persian Empire to name but a few. First Legion will bring to life one of the most fascinating periods of human and military history and with the sculpting and painting quality you've come to expect from us, this range will surely be unmatched in both quality and depth. So prepare the fields at Marathon and Guagamela because the Greeks are here!!! We sincerely hope you enjoy them!


The initial release includes all of the following figures, most of which are illustrated in the above picture. I have included one or two close ups under the list, just for good measure!

AG001 Greek Hoplite Commander with Brass Armor and Sparta Shield - $59.95
AG002 Greek Musician - $49.95
AG003 Greek Hoplite with Illyrian Helmet and Linen Armor - $59.95
AG004 Greek Hoplite with Snake Shield and Linen Armor - $59.95
AG005 Greek Hoplite with Brass Armor and Pegasus Shield - $59.95
AG006 Greek Hoplite with Thracian Helmet and Brass Armor - $59.95
AG007 Greek Hoplite with Bronze Reinforced Linen Armor and Corinthian Helmet - $59.95
AG008 Greek Hoplite with Bronze Scale Armor and Chalcis Helmet - $59.95
AG009 Greek Hoplite with Bronze Reinforced Linen Armor and Chalcis Helmet - $59.95
AG010 Greek Hoplite with Bronze Reinforced Linen Armor and Medusa Shield - $59.95
AG011 Greek Hoplite with Bronze Armor and Thracian Helmet - $59.95
AG012 Greek Hoplite with Archaic Corinthian Helmet and Owl Shield - $59.95
AG013 Greek Hoplite with Bronze Reinfored Linen Armor and Illyrian Helmet - $59.95
AG014 Greek Hoplite with Brass Armor and Chalcis Helmet - $59.95
AG015 Greek Hoplite Protecting Fallen Comrade Vignette - $119.95
Shipping End March 2013

Following hot on the heels of the Greeks are these soon to be released non-combatant figures for the Glory of Rome range. I have included a picture of each of the figures
ROM050 Roman Senator #1 - $54.95
ROM051 Roman Senator #2 - $54.95
ROM052 Roman Senator #3 - $54.95
ROM053 Roman Senator #4 - $54.95
Senator number 1

Senator number 3

Senator number 2

Senator number 4
Until next time, happy hunting!

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