Sunday, 24 March 2013

New Ventures: Air Weapons

Most people who get into air guns no doubt do so when they are relatively young. I never did, and never have, until now

Somewhere in Birmingham city centre, in a small shopping arcade located in a subway underneath a busy stretch of the inner ring road, is a small yet beautifully proportioned shop called The Birmingham Armoury. They are an offshoot of a larger concern by the name of Tenbury Guns and sell all manner of fun stuff including airsoft weapons, air pistols and rifles, archery equipment, deactivated guns, shotguns and firearms of various calibres. The image below is a screen capture of their website followed by a YouTube video of one of their airsoft experience days


I was first put onto the store by an airsoft buddy of mine and decided to pop along to take a look at the place a few weeks ago to check out what airsoft and .22 stuff they'd got. Whilst there, I started looking at some of the airguns they had in stock and since then I've been spending many of my waking hours researching pistols, pellets, rifles, scopes, targets and all manner of sundry items associated with various aspects of the numerous air gun shooting sports and past times

A couple of weeks ago I bit the bullet [feeble pun fully intended] and bought myself the following items; a pellet firing replica of the H&K P30, a knock down resettable target to shoot at, a heap of CO2 canisters and 5 tins of pellets

Simply shoot down the four little duckies, hit the circle in the centre and the target re-sets ready for another go

RWS Superdome pellets, a gas canister, 8 round magazine and a pellet loading tool used to make sure the pellets are properly seated in side the mag

The pellet on the left is a Milbro Caledonian .177 and the one on the right is a superior quality RWS Superdome

This is the baby that fires them. The gas canister goes in the handle where the real steel magazine would normally fit and the round mag slots into an aperture in the slide which opens forwards when you press the lever located underneath

Last week I took the gun down to the local gun club and fired off a few magazines at some of their targets. I also had the chance to try out one of the other member's air rifles, the one I already had my eyes on having seen one at TBA and read fantastic reviews of them in some of the airgun press. It didn't disappoint, and now I want one all the more. Only time will tell but I might just have a few more toys to play with in the not too distant future

Until next time, happy hunting!

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