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King and Country: Dispatches

Further details regarding the figure sets previewed here can be found on the main K&C website, or by visiting K&C UK

As ever, all of the figures featured in last month's post are now available for sale, or will be shortly, so here are the figures you can look forward to for later in April, together with a list of those being retired from sale

First up, some additions to one of K&C's flagship ranges, 'Remember The Alamo'

RTA066 “General Cos”
RTA067 “Captain John Baugh”
RTA068 “Antonio Fuentes”
RTA069 “Dr. Polland Amos”  
RTA070 “Charles Henry Clark”

Next in line, a number of 'empty' horses, dismounted riders and enemy infantry for their 'Australian Light Horse' series

AL045    “Standing Horse #1”
AL046    “Standing Horse #2”

AL047    “Galloping Horse #1”
AL048    “Galloping Horse #2”

AL049    “Kneeling Turkish Radioman”
AL050    “Charging Turk w/Rifle”
AL051    “The Swordsman”

AL052    “Hang On Mate!” 
AL053    “The Shooter”

From WW1 we travel forward in time to WW2 where we welcome these splendid looking additions to the ranks of the Red Army as they courageously fight the German aggressors back to the gates of Berlin

RA024   “Solider Holding burp gun”
RA038   “Red Army Valentine MK.III”

Over 2,000 of these British built tanks were supplied to the Russians as part of Allied “Lend-Lease” agreements.  Our model bears the number “39” and the slogan “Stalinets”.  It comes with a half-body Soviet tank commander

RA040   “Combat Leader”      
RA041   “Female Warrior”

Of all the combatant nations during WW2 only the Russians used women as “fighters” in front-line” units

RA042   “Sniper”
RA043   “Kneeling Firing”  
RA044   “Advancing”      
RA045   “Female Shooter”      
RA046   “Sitting burp gunner”
RA047   “Sitting w/Rifle”
RA048   “Kneeling w/Rifle”

If, like me, you love collecting German forces and are feeling a little forgotten about, never fear, K&C have something for you too this month, in the shape of these alternative and swappable tank commander figures and a brand new Panzer IV

WS219      “Panzer IV H”        
WS223-1  “Tank Commanders #1”
WS223-2  “Tank Commanders #2”

     Our K&C “H” model Panzer IV is mounting the long-barreled 75mm main gun and comes with the wrap-around turret shield armour. First produced in mid 1943, Panzer IV H’s saw action on both East and West fronts and in Italy. More than 3,000 were produced of this particular variant and this, our first version, comes in typical three-colour camouflage of the later war period. The K&C model includes the tank commander in the top turret hatch

Finally, those figures heading for the happy hunting grounds in the sky, aka being retired from production

The Age of Napoleon

NA114     Charging Sword Forward
NA116     Advancing Forward      
NA117     Charging Sword Downward
NA118     Advance to the Front
NA119     Slashinig w/ Sabre
NA121    Cuirassier Firing Pistol
NA124    Cantiniere

First World War

FW060    General Papa Joffre
FW062    French Mounted Officer
FW063    Marching Officer
FW064    Marching Poilus
FW065    Marching French Soldier
FW066    The Scout
FW067    Poilu attending to a General’s Horse
FW068    Drum Major
FW069    Drummer
FW070    Bugler Marching

The Crusades

MK071   “The Crusader Tent”

“Operation Market Garden”

MG010   Walking Radioman
MG011   Lieutenant w/ Sten Gun
MG012   Standing Firing Sten Gun
MG013   Lying Firing Bren Gun
MG016   Maj. Gen. Roy Urquhart
MG020   Kneeling Firing Sten Gun
MG022   Lying Firing Rifleman
MG023   Major General Sosabowski
MG031   Mortar Team

Until next time, happy hunting!

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