Saturday, 9 March 2013

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: March Releases

A summary of the newsletter I received a few days ago from the team at TGM

Welcome to March releases for Thomas Gunn, once again a small release but great things come in small packages so they say!

The long awaited French Foreign Legion finally arrive this month. Thank you for all your emails regarding these figures and yes there will be more figures coming later in the year including Arabs for our legionnaires to go up against! We decided to opt for the classic Beau Geste period for this new range which encompasses the late 1800's to 1916 when the legion switched over to a khaki uniform. Depending on the success of this series we plan to launch into other eras and cover plenty of classic battles in which the legion took part. All in all a series with huge potential and one which we are all very excited about at Thomas Gunn. Kicking off the series are six new figures as follows:

French Foreign Legion Series

FFL001: A two man set comprising a Sgt. Major firing his pistol and a Bugler issuing orders on the battlefield

FFL002: Kneeling legionnaire and prone firing rifleman

FFL003: Standing firing legionnaire with a kneeling rifleman

All the above sets are $69 each, limited to 100 sets and are available now!

Scramble for Africa

Following on from our French boys in blue we also launch a new series of British redcoats suitable for the 1st Boer or the Zulu Wars whichever you prefer. We will be releasing Boer figures to add to these sets at a later date. These figures are 54mm in size and designed to compliment Britain's or the Conte range of figures and as such are designed to fill the gaps in these two ranges. Four figures will launch this range and are as follows:

SFA001 Kneeling officer with pistol and 24th Regiment of Foot soldier with officer's sword defending the colours. Priced at $75, limited to 100 sets worldwide and available now

SFA002 Comprises two running figures; one in standard issue jacket without hat and the other dressed in grey shirt holding onto his hat as they run forward to assist their comrades. Limited to 100 sets worldwide, priced at $69 and ready for immediate dispatch

Gunn Club Update

With over 1200 registered Gunn Club members on our database, Thomas Gunn wants to reward those Gunn Club members who buy direct through our website. We will therefore be launching a new series of Gunn Club figures. These beautiful looking figures will be released on a regular basis and will be free to the first 100 Club members, who spend $150 or more through the TGM website, in the month that the figure is released

We kick off with SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Max Wunsche who commanded the 12th SS HitlerJugend during its defence of Normandy. April should see the release of Generaloberst Dietl with Allied and Napoleonic figures making an appearance later in the year. Further information can be found on our website under the Gunn Club section

Happy hunting, until next time!

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