Wednesday, 10 April 2013

First Legion: April Releases

Having already posted a taster of what is to come from First Legion this month, here's the full-fat, gourmet banquet and I don't think you're going to be disappointed. As always, further details and images of all the figure sets previewed here are available on the company website. So, without further ado, I'll let you feast on the following delights

Hello First Legion collectors! We’re back again to update you all on all of the wonderful things going on here at First Legion. This month we have some simply stunning products on offer covering a variety of ranges and it may be one of our finest months in some time in terms of the quality and variety of new releases

First up, we have the very long awaited and highly anticipated launch release for our Medieval Wars: The Battle of Agincourt. Bringing to life Henry V’s finest hour has certainly encouraged us to achieve what may be our finest hour as a figure making company. These figures are extremely intricate and detailed and presented more than their fair share of challenges for us, but we are extremely pleased and more than a little proud of what we’ve been able to achieve with them. MED001-MED009 represent the first of the English for Agincourt and include Henry V and other personalities along with some Men-at-Arms. This is only the tip of the iceberg for this range and now that it’s up and running, the next release won’t be too far behind

MED001 King Henry Vth of England - 179.95
MED002 King's Standard Bearer Sir John Codrington - 179.95
MED003 Thomas Strickland Esquire - Standard Bearer of St. George - 74.95
MED004 English Trumpeter - 64.95
MED005 Richard de Vere - Earl of Oxford - 69.95
MED006 Edward Duke of York - 69.95
MED007 English Man-at-Arms with Spear - 64.95
MED008 English Man-at-Arms with Halberd - 64.95
MED009 English Man-at-Arms with Axe - 64.95

Shipping End April 2013

Next we have a few different artillery sets, one for the Renaissance range and another for our Seven Years War range. For Renaissance we have sets REN021-REN029 which includes a monster of a cannon (it’s HUGE) and the appropriate crew. We’ve done these figures as Landsknechts who could have served in either the French or Imperial Armies, so these figures can be used for either side at Pavia. The Landsknechts after all were Europe’s Mercenaries and fought for whoever paid them. In addition to the artillery set, we’ve also released two new German Landsknecht Arquebusiers in loading poses to complement our previous German Pike Block release under Georg Von Frundsberg

REN021 Landsknecht Noble Artillery Commander - 64.95
REN022 Landsknecht Artillery Gunner Aiming Gun - 64.95
REN023 Landsknecht Artillery Gunner with Rammer - 64.95
REN024 Landsknecht Artillery Gunner with Igniter - 64.95
REN025 Landsknecht Artillery Gunner with Stone Ball - 64.95
REN026 Landsknecht Artillery Gunner Covering Ears - 64.95
REN027 Landsknecht Cannon & Accessories - 79.95
REN028 German Landsknecht Arquebusier Ready - 69.95
REN029 German Landsknecht Arquebusier Standing Loading - 69.95

Shipping End April 2013

For the Seven Years War we have sets SYW014-SYW020 which features a Russian Artillery 12lb Gun and full crew with officer to take on the Prussians at Kunersdorf. This range has been very well received by our customers and we will be doing additional figures later this year

We are also pleased to present the first figures in our coverage of the Battle of Alesia, ROM054-ROM064 Caesarian Romans! These 11 Legionaries are set to do battle on the fields of Gaul or the siege works at Alesia. They can be used as adversaries to our Ancient Germans as well as Gauls which we will of course have to add to the range in time

And last, but by no means least, we are pleased to present our version of Emperor Napoleon with set NAP0409. This is probably among the most requested figures by our customers and it’s finally here, a mere 409 sets into our Napoleon’s Europe product range. Honestly, I can’t really say why it took us so long to produce a mounted Napoleon figure but we do hope that you find the Emperor well worth the wait!

This month’s “Sneak Peek” comes from our Vietnam range. We are pleased to present a preview of a few of the figures in our upcoming release of NVA Infantry.   Looks like “Tropic Lightning” will make heavy contact with the enemy soon! We hope you like them

So that wraps up the releases for April. As always, we’d like to take a moment to thank all of you who ordered our latest releases, AG001-AG015 Ancient Greek Hoplites and ROM050-ROM053 Roman Senators. All pre-orders have now left the building and these figures will be with you any day now. We certainly hope you enjoy them!

Well, how about that then? Until next time, happy hunting!

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