Wednesday, 10 April 2013

King and Country: Dispatches

This month, as always, K&C have announced the release of several new figure sets representing a number of historical periods ranging from Ancient Egypt to World War Two

There are six new additions to the Ancient Egypt range, three new Hoplites and an additional dragon boat for the Streets of Old Hong Kong series

Moving forward somewhat in time, they have expanded their new range dealing with Custer's famous last stand by bringing eight new Sioux and Cheyenne warriors to the fray, five mounted and three on foot including the splendidly dynamic figure pictured below

More mounted warriors are also being added to their Napoleonic range in the shape of seven brand new charging French Cuirassiers, pictured below on one of John Gittins's terrain mats

As if that wasn't enough, there are some major releases for their era of WW2 ranges starting with a new series depicting the famous Pathfinders who participated in the thwarted attempt to capture the Rhine bridge at Arnhem

Harking back to the original Pathfinders release way back in 1995, which was revolutionary at the time insofar as the figures were matte painted and more detailed than most other figures on the market, K&C are heralding this as a major new series comprising figures that will be even more detailed and more finely painted than their usual offerings. This will, of course, be reflected in their pricing. In Andy's own words.....

"As many of you know today’s collectors are constantly seeking more variety….better quality…and ever more detail in their figures and fighting vehicles.  At K&C we want to meet those challenges and expectations by continuing to innovate and introduce fresh new concepts across all of our many ranges….and at differing price levels our collectors around the world can afford. ‘PATHFINDERS” is for those collectors who want and appreciate an even higher level of detail in their figures and are willing to pay the extra premium to obtain it."

The initial release consists of six figures including three personality figures one of whom, Lieut. Jack Grayburn V.C., is pictured below

From a battle that took place towards the end of the war we step back in time to the beginning of the conflict for this next release featuring a vehicle that played an important role in the Blitzkrieg tactics employed by the Germans during the invasions of Poland, France, the Low Countries and Russia

Large numbers of the Czechoslovakian built 38T were incorporated into the German armoury and used to great effect during the early stages of the war. K&C are presenting three slightly different models of the vehicle, so they can be formed up in an armoured column should some collectors have the space and inclination to do so, and limiting the production runs to 250 vehicles for version 1 and 100 vehicles each for versions 2 and 3. Here they are in all their glory

Stepping back in time further still, this time to the years just before the war began, K&C are adding to their Berlin '38 range with one of Hitler's favourite limousines, the Mercedes Benz 770K. The Collectors Showcase produced a similar model a little while ago but this is the first time K&C has produced this car and I'm sure it will positively fly off the shelves. As you can see from the photos below the model features Hitler striking a typical pose, standing in the front of the vehicle alongside his personal driver, and close friend, Julius Schrek. What's more, there's room in the back for one or two additional 'personality' figures. What are the odds on K&C giving us a couple in the near future?

The company is also releasing two US Army medics for their D-Day range, both depicted in the heat of battle helping one of their stricken comrades. The first few figures will be available for sale at The Texas Toy Soldier Show and some of the proceeds from the sale of the figures will be donated to US and UK military charities. The company plans to release similarly themed figures, one at a time, in future years

Finally, but by no means least, here is the list of retirements for this month which, as you will shortly discover, is quite extensive

AF001 US Fighter Pilot
AF002 US Pilot w/ Map
AL001 Australian Lighthorse Officer w/ Pistol
AL002 Australian Lighthorse Bugler
AL003 Australian Lighthorse w/ Rifle
AL004 Australian Lighthorse Charging w/Bayonet(to the front)
BBA039 Stretcher Party
CW010 Jeb Stuart (Mtd.)
CW011 General Robert E. Lee (Mtd.)
CW051 Lee & Stuart
CW057 Jackson & Longstreet
LW001 Generalleutnant Adolf Galland
LW003 Oberleutnant Gunther Rall
LW005 Ground Crew Set
TRW009 Standing Firing Dragoon
TRW010 Dismounted Dragoon w/Pistol
TRW011 Dismounted Dragoon w/Carbine
TRW012 Mounted Dragoon Firing Pistol
TRW013 Scout Firing Rifle
USMC001 Officer
USMC002 Shotgun
USMC003 Pistol Marks Man
USMC004 Marine Sniper
USMC005 Lewis Gunner
USMC006 Marine Corporal
USMC007 Marine on Guard
USMC008 Tommy Gunner
USMC009 Sitting Machine Gunner
USMC010 Marching Rifleman
USN001 Deck Officer w/Binos
USN002 Officer w/Pistol & Loud Hailer
USN003 Shore Patrol
USN004 Chief Petty Officer
USN005 Sailor Marching w/ Rifle
USN006 Standing Firing Rifle
USN007 Kneeling Firing Rifle
USN008 Sailor Port Arms
USN009 Banner Man
USN010 Sailor w/Seabag
USN011 US Navy B.A.R. Gunner
USN012 US Steam Launch
USN013 Three Sitting Sailor
WS114 Marching Waffen-SS Officer
Until next time, happy hunting!

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