Monday, 29 July 2013

Latest Additions: On Guard

Earlier this month K&C retired their WW2 German sentry box, an item I wasn't initially thinking of buying and hadn't included on my wish list. Having looked at the retirements list, and thought a bit more about where I might put one if I had it, I finally decided to buy one. In fact, I bought two and found what I reckoned was the perfect place to display them

I thought two of them would look just right positioned on either side of the entrance to my Collectors Showcase LAH barracks diorama, together with two of K&C's LAH 117 figures. The dio is by no means finished yet but you can see where the boxes have been positioned and if you imagine in your mind's eye the big K&C band marching to the one side, and the Fuhrer's black Mercedes driving in, or out, through the gates then you'll have some idea of what the final scene will look like

At the moment there's a Nazi billboard and a group of SA bill posters in the background looking ridiculously out of place. They won't be there for long as I've got a plan for another far more appropriately themed diorama for them. See what you think 

The recently retired sentry box

Sentry box and LAH 117, trooper standing at ease

Rear of said trooper showing the equipment he is carrying

Guards standing on either side of the entrance

Happy hunting!

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