Thursday, 11 July 2013

Latest Additions

Time for the latest installment of my 'Latest Additions' series and this time it comes in the shape of no fewer than five figure sets from K&C's Normandy Germans range

The following photos were taken using my iphone rather than the Lumix G1, so the quality isn't up to the usual standard. Not only that, the figures are shown against a diorama backdrop but not one designed especially for them. As things stand just now, I'm rapidly running out of room to display them properly so I've shot them standing in front of an existing scene showing similar troops

Front and rear views of two of the figures showing the detailed equipment being carried

One of the things I particularly like about these K&C figures is the variety of camouflage combinations they are depicted wearing, accurately reflecting the reality of life at the sharp end, especially during the latter stages of the war when equipment was in such short supply

The figures shown here have clearly been designed to work together, along with a handful of others in the series, as part of a small Waffen SS unit. I think they'd work really well lying in wait behind the hedges on either side of a road, ready to spring the trap on an unsuspecting enemy column once the lead vehicle has been disabled by the AT gun pictured below. Well, that's the idea for the dio sorted out. All I need now is a bit more space to set it up!

All of the above figure sets were retired by K&C last month, in one fell swoop, which made for quite an expensive June for me! You may still be able to get hold of them from your local dealer so best of luck if you need any of them

Until next time, happy hunting!

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