Monday, 30 September 2013

Airsoft Arms and Equipment: New Toys

As part and parcel of the general overhaul of airsoft equipment I’ve been embarking on recently I have been getting rid of a number of my Chinese made guns and replacing them with a smaller number of better made Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong made models

The other day I posted about the King Arms Thompson M1A1 I recently acquired and today it’s the turn of another recently purchased gun to have a moment in the spotlight, the G and P MOE CQB M4 variant. Hardly a catchy, ‘just rolls off the tongue’ kind of a title but it nevertheless describes what’s hiding inside the box pretty well

Made in Hong Kong by G and P this is a shortened version [by about 11cms] of their M4 carbine and comes customised with lashings of MOE, or Magpul Original Equipment. Virtually everything dark earth on the outside of this gun is made by Magpul. Available in a variety of shades I decided to plump for the dark earth model to match my multi-cam and tan coloured Warrior webbing, and because I already own a number of dark earth PMag style magazines

As with the Thompson I posted about the other day, I’d been planning on getting a ‘Magpuled up’ M4 for sometime and a few weeks ago decided that the time was right to do so before getting hold of them started to become a bit tricky now that Magpul have pulled out of supplying gear to the airsoft market

As I hope you’ll be able to tell from the photos, she’s a little beauty with decent range out to 40 plus yards and a respectable rate of fire

The fire selector switch has a very positive feel to it and functions perfectly, as does the incredibly solid Mbus rear sight which comes fitted with an extremely powerful spring loaded mechanism! It comes with two changeable sighting holes and is fully adjustable for windage and elevation

The cover on what would be the shell casing ejection port on a real steel weapon flips up but doesn't actually close, it is permanently open and aesthetically might not be to everyone's taste

Surprise, surprise [not]! The cosmetic ejection port hides the adjustable hop mechanism, accessed by pulling back on the bolt release lever at the rear of the upper receiver

Since taking this photo I've added an ASAP to the rear of the receiver to facilitate the use of a single point sling but have decided to keep the Warrior sling attachment on as well

As you can see here the battery fits in the stock tube making for a very tidy looking job as well as adding a little bit more weight to the rear of the gun. The Magpul stock is a little fiddly to get on and off but with practice and the aid of a long shafted, flat head screwdriver all is well!

It's certainly worth mentioning that the gun comes wired with a Deans connector so you may have to adapt some batteries or buy some new ones to use with it. You could always put a Tamiya connector on there but why would you when the DC is more efficient, not to mention smaller? There's just about enough room in there for the small Lipo you can see above but a stick battery might be preferable

The gun comes packaged with a single 120 round Pmag which works perfectly well, as do the 360 round King Arms Pmags pictured above.....

.....and the 75 round Beta Project mags pictured here

These Green Label 75 round Pmags on the other hand are a little loose in the mag well and don't feed all that reliably unless they are held forward as you're shooting

The addition of a self adhesive Velcro spot, preferably in a matching shade if you happen to be anal about such things, will soon have that sorted out

All in all, I'm very pleased with my new toy and am looking forward to taking her out on the field. Thank you to Firesupport for supplying the gun and kindly sorting one of my batteries out with a DC!

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