Sunday, 6 October 2013

King and Country: October Dispatches

October is upon us, the shops are getting ready for the Christmas rush and the Birmingham Toy Soldier Show is literally just around the corner. Appropriate, then, that in amongst the selection of newly released delights from K&C this month is the latest in their range of military themed Santa figures, as well as a whole lot of other things, and here they all are in chronological order

And now for all those figure sets 'heading for the happy hunting grounds in the sky.' Quite a few once again this month, including a couple of architectural pieces at least one of which I'll be hoping to grab an example of before they all disappear

AE034 High Priest of RA God of the Sun
AE035 Hand Maiden to Priest of RA
AF029 The ‘Follow-Me’ Jeep
BBG032 Prize of Arms
BBG033 Cold Feet Warm Boots
FW106 Lt. Werner Voss
FW107 Manfred Von Richthofen
FW108 Hermann Goering
MK052 The Bishop of Tours

MK053 Richard the Lionheart
MK066 Mounted Templar w/ Banner
MK067 Crusader Archers Set
MK072 Templar Grand Master
MK073 Templar Standard Bearer
RAF020 Sergeant Pilot George Unwin
RAF021 Sergeant Pilot Antoni Glowacki
RAF022 Flying Officer Andy Mamedoff
RAF023 Flying Officer John "Pancho" Villa

RAF024 RAF Policeman
RAF025 RAF Kneeling Armourer
SP037 Church Façade
SP045 Corner Shop House

That about wraps it up for another month. Happy hunting!

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