Sunday, 6 October 2013

Full of Eastern Promise

Whilst flicking through the pages of the August/September issue of Toy Soldier Collector I came across an article by Michael Cross, promoting the products of two Czech manufacturers who specialise in scenic items for model railway enthusiasts and diorama makers

The focus of the article is the range of grass mats made by both companies and Michael is eager to heap praise on them. The pictures accompanying the purple prose certainly look good, as do the images on the respective company websites, one or two of which I've included below

A menu screen from the Model Scene website

The mats come delivered in simple plastic sleeves and are flexible enough to allow them to be molded to the contours of a baseboard should you so desire. They can be used singly, combined together in multiples or cut and torn up to form 'patchwork' landscapes of various kinds, and can be glued down or not as you see fit

They come in a variety of seasonal shades, with grass of varying lengths and degrees of coverage, some mats are plain whilst others are adorned with flowers, shrubs and bushes, forest debris or calcium rocks

Happy hunting!

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