Sunday, 16 February 2014

One To Watch

If you take a look at The Collectors Showcase website any time soon you will see an intriguing  image that looks remarkably similar to this

If you hover over the image and click on it you may be disappointed to discover that you are taken precisely nowhere, nowhere interesting that is. You are simply told that the website associated with the name doesn't exist!

As a wargamer, as well as a toy soldier collector however, I couldn't leave it at that so I dug a little deeper. I unearthed a reference to the game at Hobby Bunker and downloaded a couple of promo images [see below] together with the following blurb:

'Collectors Battlefield is an exciting fast play 28mm war-game system. Complete with a range of hand painted 28mm figures and vehicles. We've included quick reference cards with every set that provide all the stats needed to begin game play immediately. Our game manual is geared towards easy to set up and play skirmish games. Whether you're a collector, history aficionado or devout war gamer Collectors Battlefield has something for everyone!'


At least two American sites, Hobby Bunker and The Motor Pool, are taking pre-orders on all the figures and vehicles announced so far and the release date is set for late February, early March this year
“TCS is pleased to announce our new company: Collectors Battlefield. We’ve taken our great TCS WWII range and scaled them down to 28mm. These great metal 28’s combined with our quick play rules take wargaming to the next level.

Let’s face it who has time to paint armies then tackle a 250 page rulebook? Well we’ve solved both of those problems with our new Collectors Battlefield Wargame System. Figures come pre-painted and rules are easy to learn and fast to set up. And when you’re not playing games with the figures they can double as display pieces for much larger dioramas.

I’ve attached one of our ads below and encourage everyone to take a look at the brand new site. The game system starts shipping at the end of the month. And yes we already have two more historical periods at our factory!

Check out the new site:

Tally Hooo!


I'm certainly keen to find out more and when I do I'll be sure to check it out and keep you posted

Watch This Space!

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