Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Collectors Battlefield: Update

Figures and vehicles for the new 28mm wargaming venture from Collectors Showcase are starting to become available and, by all accounts, first impressions are very promising

Sierra Toy Soldier over in California have a number of the first releases in stock and there is a thread devoted to the new range on the Treefrog Treasures toy soldier forum if you want to keep an eye on what punters are saying about the figures!&p=637205

Collectors Battlefield

From Collectors Showcase a new collection of 28mm War Gaming figures
In Stock Now!

A complete line of 28mm gaming miniatures with accompanying rules. Collectors Battlefield is an exciting fast play 28mm war-game system. Complete with a range of hand painted 28mm figures and vehicles. We've included quick reference cards with every set that provide all the stats needed to begin game play immediately. Our game manual is geared towards easy to set up and play skirmish games. Whether you're a collector, history aficionado or devout war gamer Collectors Battlefield has something for everyone!

Happy hunting!

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