Friday, 15 August 2014

Collectors Showcase: September Releases

It seems like quite a while since I last posted about anything to do with TCS, so make the most of this one. Who knows when the next one will be?

New Releases For September!
WWII German

A long time in coming is another great 88 set. This one with two Fallschirmjager crew sets. One set is attired in Continental uniforms and the other style in a North Afrikan or Italian front uniform alternate. Each set comes with spent ammo casings and ammo containers. Legs fold up so you can use it on any trail.

WWII Afrika Korps

German WWII

"Michael Wittmann: another one again?" No..Not just any Michael Wittmann tank but his infamous East Front Sturmgeschutze. This is the mount Wittmann rode before stepping up to a tiger. A perfect set for those fellas that have a soft side for the Eastern front.
German WWII

There's also a Normandy version!

Berlin 1938

Collector's hell bent on acquiring Berlin 1939 style sets will have a real unique release to snap up. It's the Alpha Romeo state limo that Hitler and his little pal Mussolini wowed the masses with during his visit to Florence. Add Gian Galleazzo to the rear seat ( sold separately ) for a more robust party crowd appearance.

Knights of Agincourt


Happy Hunting!

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