Friday, 15 August 2014

Collectors Battlefield: Update

It's an old English joke, and a well-won one too, but 'you wait such a long time for a Number 11 bus and then two come along at once', a bit like these two posts relating to TCS

Collectors Battlefield appears to be going from strength to strength, and a venture that the company is committed to sticking with for a while

A new rule book is due for release, pertaining to another aspect of the war, and an additional range of figures has also been announced, some British Paras to give the Waffen SS a run for its money! And that's not all. In the spirit of realising a gaming system that is both quick and enjoyable, the company has created an online game application that calculates the outcome of various in-game situations that would otherwise require the players to look up information in charts or in the rule book. It's free to use and access simply requires the completion of an online registration proforma. I've included one or two screenshots to give you a flavour

More information and images available on the dedicated section of the CS website

Happy Hunting

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