Friday, 15 August 2014

First Legion: Latest Releases and Pre-Orders

Here we go again, time to showcase some of the artistry and beauty produced by the FL team

New Expected Late August 2014!
Imperial Roman Testudo

The Roman Testudo, or Tortoise, was a formation widely used by the Roman Empire most notably during sieges such as that at Jerusalem or other walled cities.The concept behind the formation was for the legionaries to form in close order with interlocking shields such that the men were protected from the sides, front, and overhead by a linked wall of shields guarding them from various forms of missile fire as they advanced. We have presented the figures for this release such that a modular Testudo can be formed in any size desired by the collector with as few as six figures and no upward limit simply by expanding the frontage and depth as per the setup guide. For guidance on which figures go where, please view the setup guide which shows the layout and position of each figure. In addition, the front, left, and right rank figures can also be used in a non-Testudo display as a close order line of battle advancing towards the enemy.

Great War - French Infantry

The 34th Regiment of Infantry is one of the glorious regiments of the French Army dating all the way back to 1625 when it was first formed. During WWI the regiment served with the 34th Infantry Division throughout the war and participated in the Battles of Verdun, the Marne, and the Somme and that was just in 1916. They were engaged in all five years of the conflict.

Great War - German

New Series!

60mm Metal Figure Kits - Unpainted

The heavy equipment starts to arrive.
Unpainted Metal Kits - Scale 60mm

Since we first came on the scene in 2007 with our stunning painted figure ranges featuring world class figure sculpts, we have been asked countless times by modellers and painters around the world if we would sell unpainted metal figure kit versions of our painted figures. We are happy to announce that the time has come and we are pleased to present our new range of beautifully sculpted unpainted metail figure kits. Some of these kits are brand new figures specifically sculpted to be produced as metal figure kits while others are some favorites of figures that we released previously as painted figures which have long been sold out. If the series proves popular we will expand it considerably with both new and existing figure sculpts. With over 1100 world class sculpts to choose from across 14 periods of history, the possibilities for modellers and painters is extravagant to say the least. We sincerely hope you enjoy them!

One of the figures that will be available, the now retired Prussian SB from their Napoleonic range

Happy Hunting!

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