Sunday, 15 March 2015

John Gittins Miniatures: Website News

This is an unusual notification but one I thought it might be helpful to share anyway

For anyone thinking of visiting John Gittins's website and/or purchasing anything from John via the website, and who hasn't already received this in their email inbox, please take note of the following message sent by John to many of his customers

Dear Valued Customer
Just to let you know that my website is currently difficult to access  and page loads are very slow. 
The site is however still functional,its seems quicker to access the home page from a favourite  or bookmark in your browser than from a Google search.
My web hosts are looking into the problem and i have been advised that  this is due to a structural problem and not any security issue.
The site is old and this problem  may take some time to resolve as the site may have to be re-designed using up to date code.
In the meantime I am losing business as my online shop is virtually closed , if you do wish to place an order, and you know what you want , you may telephone your order by calling 0114 4535237, or place an order through one of my dealers.
I apologise for the inconvenience
John Gittins
Here's hoping, primarily for John's sake, the issue will be resolved speedily and that his livelihood isn't too badly affected

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