Monday, 30 March 2015

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: New Germans

All the latest WW1 and WW2 Germans from TGM

The Great War
GW028C Winter Germans as promised to fight our winter British troops made
late last year! Two firing Germans in the standing and kneeling firing
position, take aim at our Winter Tommy's!

Limited to 75 sets in number and priced at $79/£59 per set of two figures.

GW040C Winter German running across battlefield, goes great with GW028C.
Limited to 75 sets in number and priced at $40/$29.50 per set.

GW050A/B Maxim Machine Gunner: A German soldier in greatcoat armed with a
Maxim MG provides covering fire to his advancing comrades. The A version
figure is dressed in normal German army uniform whilst the B version wears a
Stormtrooper helmet and gas mask.

Priced at $43.50/£32.00 inc VAT and limited to 100 in number.
GW051A Wilhelm Frankl was the highest scoring WW1 German ace of Jewish

He learned to fly prior to WW1 being tutored by Melli Beese,
Germany's first female pilot in 1913. When war was declared Frankl joined
the Luftsreitkrafte and by 1917 he was a 20 kill ace and recipient of The
Blue Max. 

By this time he had converted to Christianity and married the
daughter of an Austrian Naval Captain. On Easter Sunday April 8th 1917
during aerial combat, Frankl's Albatross lost its lower wing  and he along
with his aircraft plunged 800 metres to the ground. 

He was buried with full
military honours in Berlin. During the late 1930's Frankl's name was deleted
from the official list of Blue Max recipients due to his Jewish heritage.
His name was restored after WW2 and in 1973 the Luftwaffe named one of their
barracks after him.

Frankl comes complete with wicker chair and baby baboon, one of the many
mascots utilized by 4 Jasta during their formation.

Limited to 100 in number and priced at $43.50/£32.00 per set.

World War 2
FJ016A: An FJ sentry in greatcoat rubs his hands against the cold. This
winter version will look great in any number of settings including the
Battle of the bulge or on an airfield. A Normandy version is set to follow

Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40/£29.50 per figure.

FJ017A: A late war running FJ complete with rifle and vehicle mine advances
into combat, more FJ's in this vein are due to follow shortly. I
particularly like the look on this figures face and the camouflage pattern
on his jacket!

Priced at $40/£29.50 and limited to 100 in number.
SS045: Ernst Barkmann Knights Cross recipient, was a legendary SS tank
commander with numerous tank kills to his name on both the Eastern and
Western fronts. He fought in just about every major engagement including
Kursk, Normandy and in the Ardennes. Barkmann survived the war and was taken
into captivity by the British, he settled in Kisdorf after his release and
became the fire chief as well as the town Mayor! He died aged 89 in 2009.

Barkmann is posed in a more relaxed stance in leather jacket with hands in
pocket, possibly discussing the liquid lunch Karl Korner has on offer which
is incidentally our Club 19 figure!

We have 2 versions on offer, a 'Summer' A version and a 'Winter' B version.

Priced at $40/£29.50 and limited to 100 in number.

SOV009A: Another figure to add to our Russian series, this time a standing
rifleman. Suitable for Early WW2 or Russian Civil War. Limited to 100 in
number and priced at $40/£29.50.

A winter version will follow as well as some more British Winter Tommy's

Luft 017A/B: Luftwaffe mechanic with oil can and ammo box looks up at the
sky, is he observing American or German planes in the sky above though?!
Comes in an A 'Normandy' version or B Desert version. Limited to 100 in
number for the A version and 50 of the B version and priced at $40/£29.50
per figure.

Club 019 Karl Korner and his liquid lunch! Karl Korner was an SS tank ace
with his kill score running into the hundreds of vehicles. Korner fought
mainly on the Russian front and in one engagement destroyed 39 Russian tanks
with 39 rounds, he then withdrew from the battle with all his ammunition

On 29th April Korner was awarded the Knights Cross in the Fuhrer
bunker, the day before Hitler committed suicide. Korner survived the war and
died in 1997 aged 77 years old.

Our model shows Korner is relaxed mode discussing the contents of a
champagne bottle with his fellow comrades.

A big thank to Chris Hunt in HK who asked for more relaxed tankers and so
here they are with more to follow!

This figure comes free if you spend $300 or more in our shop, if you do not
want to spend $300 then you can buy him at normal retail price of

Happy Hunting!

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