Friday, 31 December 2010

News, news, news

Each and every month toy soldier manufacturers, airsoft manufacturers and retailers, military model producers of every size, shape and persuasion, announce the release of new and potentially exciting product. How on earth do you keep up with the sheer volume of 'stuff' coming on to the market? The answer is, well, it's pretty much impossible

Even if I restricted myself to one particular area say, for example, toy soldier collecting, I couldn't possibly review or even refer to everything coming out in any given month. So, as I come across something that takes my fancy, I will put a post up on the blog. Predominantly, I will refer to manufacturers and retailers whose products I personally like and, more often than not, purchase myself

I've also included links to a number of manufacturers and retailers whose products and services I particularly value or consider to be good value for money. These can be found in the 'Links.....' area of the blog and from time to time I will create similar links within posts. There are also a number of images, mainly at the bottom of the page, which will take readers directly to certain sites. Some manufacturers or retailers who have websites also have blogs and I have included links to a selection of these in the area headed 'My Blogs List'. Some produce monthly newsletters and/or product updates on their websites and where this is the case I will be creating separate areas on the blog linking readers directly to these pages

Happy exploring, and I hope you find something here of use

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