Sunday, 20 November 2011

More News From TG!

For those of you who may not already subscribe to the Thomas Gunn newsletter, I have reproduced the latest one from Tom which arrived in my inbox a few days ago
Dear Gunn Club
Exciting news!
I have been informed by our factory today that the first of our new WW1 series will be ready earlier than expected and some of the new line will now be ready in time for early December
Samples will be on display, and for sale, at the London fair for those of you attending in December, but not before then
As a little taster I am including a picture of one of my all time heroes, Lawrence of Arabia who will be the forerunner of our new 1/30th scale WW1 series. There will be 200 of this version available with a Turkish officer and 100 available with a German officer from the Pascha Expedition surrendering to Lawrence
I have centred this first release around the battle of Tafas. For those of you who remember the 1962 film this is where Lawrence's Arab forces set upon a Turkish column withdrawing from Tafas with the order "no prisoners!"
Some 250 Turks and Germans surrendered once they realised the battle was lost, however they were all massacred, supposedly on Lawrence's orders. Jackson Bentley, the famous news reporter, arrived on the scene to witness the carnage and said to Lawrence "Oh, you rotten man. Let me take your rotten bloody picture......for the rotten, bloody newspapers!"
More pictures are available on the website by clicking on the following link:
The Germans sent approx 12,000 troops to the Middle East during WW1 with over half becoming casualties - certainly no sunshine posting! These were the forerunner of the WW2 Afrika Korps although for some reason their contribution has been largely ignored by history. We will certainly be adding more Tropical Germans to our series along with some Western Front Germans later on next year
The Russian front was the winner in our recent survey for most requested new line followed by WW2 Far East and in 3rd place was French Foreign Legion! Hopefully we will see all of these in limited numbers next year - watch this space for news
Once again thank you for your support and please feel free to drop me an email with regards to queries on any of the above items
Kind Regards, Tom
I currently don't collect any WW1 figures, however, I am very keen to see what the new TG series looks like once it really gets started. I don't intend to collect the figures for the African or Middle Eastern theatres but these chaps do look rather nice. Promising beginnings, I'm sure you'll agree
Happy hunting! 

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