Sunday, 15 April 2012

Fantastic Plastic

Plastic toy soldiers have been with us a long time, as have plastic wargames figures. Nevertheless, most toy soldier collectors probably have more metal on their shelves, and wargamers in their drawers, than PVC or hard polyurethane. I know I do!

Notwithstanding the almost instinctive attraction model soldier collectors have with metal, it seems that more and more of them are moving over to plastics, or at least including more and more plastics in their collections. Certainly as a wargamer, needing to put together sizable units of troops in order to play the game, plastic figures can represent a significant cost saving and with no immediately discernible loss of quality. Indeed, some would argue that plastic figures can outshine many metal ones in terms of the detailing that can be achieved as part of the 'casting'

There are certainly many more plastic figures coming on to the market including these from a relatively 'new kid on the block' namely Fire Forge Games. If you're thinking of putting together an army of medieval crusading knights, then you might want to consider these new multi-part plastics

The Teutonic knights pictured below are already available whilst the other two sets are still in the initial stages of production and due for release in the foreseeable future

Teutonic Knights

Templar Knights


Each box set contains twelve 28mm multi-part plastic figures with horses, which can be assembled with several choices of weapons, shields, heads and accessories. Each box includes options for a standard bearer and musician. For more information visit the site by clicking on the link at the top of this post

Happy hunting!

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