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King and Country: Dispatches

Hello again. It's the middle of September and I feel almost duty bound to apologise for the late arrival of this month's K&C Dispatches to the blog. It's overdue status notwithstanding I sincerely hope you enjoy what K&C have on offer this month, and it's quite a hefty helping!! As always, further details and images are available on the company website which you can access by clicking on the following link: K&C Dispatches

All of the figure sets previewed in last month's post are now available to purchase so what follows is a selection of those due for release in October, together with a list of the retirements for this month

On September 6 1941, Hitler boasted, “Today begins the last great battle of this year!” But the Fuhrer had reckoned without the treacherous Russian weather… the mud of Autumn and the approach of “General Winter ” were to become his mortal enemies

For two more months the German armies continued to advance and win battles despite the almost continuous rain and sleet that flooded rivers, turned fields into quagmires and once dusty roads into knee-deep mud

Tracks and wheels churned the ground into axle-deep “glue” that sucked the boots off marching troops and stuck and stalled thousands of trucks and tanks

Then, on the night of 6/7 November 1941, the first frosts arrived… followed a few days later by early flurries of snow… “General Winter” had struck!


Following the highly successful release, earlier this year, of our first Russian troops and T34 tanks, K&C has been hard at work on a “second-release” for this coming winter… And here it is..

Two new versions of the infamous T-34 are being released together with a lend-lease jeep and 7 supporting infantry figures

RA026 “Soviet T34/76 “Crush The Fascists.”
This first “winterT34/76 bears the slogan “Crush The Fascists” painted in red on both sides of the turret and comes with a suitably-clad Russian tank commander in the open turret hatch. (Just 150 being produced)

RA039 “Soviet T34/76 “Moscow!”
A second “winterized T34/76 is also available for those collectors who might like another second model for their displays or dioramas. This one carries the number “4” and “Moscow!” on both sides of the turret and has NO commander.
Therefore, it’s a little bit cheaper!
(Just 150 being produced)

RA030 "Lend-Lease Russian Jeep”
As soon as Hitler attacked the Soviet Union both Britain (and later America) provided, Free-of-Charge, huge quantities of weapons, trucks and tanks to the Russians
Among the most valued were the Willys and Ford-built Jeeps which arrived by the hundreds and were immediately put into action. Here is one such example complete with Red Army driver

Three of the 7 infantry support figures due for release


German soldiers fought through six “winters of war” between 1939 and 1945 on both the Eastern and Western fronts. Here at K&C we thought it might be a good idea to portray a selection of “Classic Germans” dressed for battling it out in the worst winter weathers… We made the figures… You choose the campaign or battle you think it most suitable to display them in!

The pictures below show the entire release and all of the figure sets are prefixed with the 'BB' code for ordering purposes. As such they all form part of the Battle of the Bulge series but, as the company write-up states, they could quite easily be used as part of an Eastern Front diorama

BBG054 "Sd. Kfz. 222 Armoured Car (Winter camouflage)"
Another great version of a great-looking vehicle. Set includes a commander seen just inside the 222’s turret


Designed to trundle alongside the 'classic' German infantry figures announced last month this field grey Tiger is sure to win the admiration of many a collector. All too often versions of this monster of German engineering are depicted in various camouflage patterns so this early version will make a welcome change and, I'm sure, a sought after addition to many a collection

WS216 "Tiger 1 (Early Production)”
This particular Tiger, the first of two “Early Production” models, is #”213” belonging to the famous Abteilung 503, the 503 rd. Heavy Panzer Battalion. This grey, battle-weary veteran has already seen some “hard-action” on the Russian Front. Both track guards have been lost and it's missing a front left wheel cover!
Another unique feature is the rear baggage bin behind the turret… “cannibalized” from a Panzer III. This allows us to place this tank as operational in Russia between August and November 1942. A shirt-sleeved commander completes the model

The company is also releasing a couple a ceremonial sets this month, the first depicting the Coldstream Guards on parade and the second celebrating the wedding of William and Kate. The final picture in the post shows this year's Christmas release, set this year in 1914 and commemorating the famous 'Christmas Truce' which took place at a number of locations in the trenches of Northern France



AL005 “Australian Lighthorse Charging w/ Bayonet (to the rear)”
CW026 “Union Officer w/ Binos”
CW027 “Union Chasseur Standing w/ Rifle”
CW028 “Union Kneeling Firing Rifleman”
CW029 “Union Standing Firing Rifleman”
CW030 “Union Kneeling Ready”
CW031 “Union Standing Ready”
CW032 “Union Kneeling Loading”
CW033 “Union Standing Loading”
CW034 “Union Standing Ramrod”
CW035 “Union Advancing”
CW036 “Union Sergeant w/ Flag”
CW037 “Union Bugler”
CW038 “Union Mounted Officer”
CW039 “Thirsty Work”
CW054 “The Photographer, Mathew Brady”
CW055 “General Lee's Belongings”
CW058 “Maj. Gen. John Buford Jr.”
CW059 “Union Guidon Bearer”
CW060 “Union Bugler”
CW061 “Officer Firing Pistol”
CW062 “Trooper Aiming Carbine”
CW063 “Prisoner and Escort”
CW064 “Trooper Kneeling Loading Carbine”
CW065 “Trooper Kneeling Cocking Carbine”
CW066 “Trooper Kneeling Firing Carbine”
CW067 “Trooper Standing Firing Carbine”
CW068 “Trooper Firing Pistol”
IF002 “Consul General of the Chaplains Dept.”
IF003 “Italian Forces, Marching Officer”
KM012 “Admiral Karl Donitz”
LAH105 “Heinrich Himmler Relaxing”
LAH108 “Sun Loungers”
MK036 “Charging Saracen w/Sword & Shield”
MK038 “Defending Saracen w/Sword & Axe”
MK051 “Fight to the Death”
MK068 “Fighting Priest w/ Axe”
        RTA036 “Mexican Soldier Running w/ Ladder”

So, that just about concludes another Dispatches for this month and, as I said earlier, what a hefty helping it's been! Until next time, happy hunting!

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