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Thomas Gunn Miniatures: December Releases

Hello again and welcome to this my second post of the festive period. In it you will find information from TGM relating to their December releases, some of which arrived in my inbox in November as a 'November update'. Anyway, read on and hopefully you will find something of interest

Dear All
We started shipping November's releases Thursday just gone, all orders should be completed by the end of this week. It became apparent that the new Napoleonic infantry were destined for a swift sell out and in fact the whole shipment was pre-ordered in just under a week. Quickly following these guys out the door were the Nebelwerfers and the crew figures, now all sold out and no longer available here apart from a couple of loose winter launchers and a few of the Desert version of course! It may be prudent if you require these pieces to contact your dealer and see if he has any left in stock, if you have not already reserved these as of yet
For those of you who missed the French Napoleonics this time I have attached a picture of our next piece which will look great in multiples marching towards the British or Russian lines. NAP022 will be available next month and once more will be limited to 65 sets with 2 figures in each box 

On a final note, December's show in London will see the Australian Light Horse Officer, our new WW1 vehicle, and a new range of figures making an appearance! Something for everybody I hope!
Kind Regards Vicki Lucas
Marketing Manager TGM
The above mentioned Napoleonics are also available 'all in brown' and as Imperial Guard figures complete with bearskins!

Other figure sets due out this month 
 GC012 Rommel kicks off this month's release as one of our last Gunn Club figures in the current format, more news to follow next year. Rommel started off his military career during WW1 in France. He later saw action in Romania and Italy and was awarded both classes of Iron Cross and Prussia’s highest award, Pour Le Merite, for his part in the capture of a large Italian force at Mount Matajur

Rommel was wounded 3 times during the war but survived the conflict to later rise to fame as the Desert Fox in WW2. This worthy adversary of the Allies committed suicide in 1944 after being implicated in the failed July attempt to assassinate Hitler

Our A version comes with Rommel in a privately purchased sheepskin coat aiming his Luger as he goes into action and the B version comes with Rommel wearing his gas mask. Either version should enhance your WW1 range very nicely! Available now and priced at $32 with each version limited to 120 pieces 
 ATW007 Bar Gunner giving more firepower to your Airborne troops! Firing from the prone position our A version wears the famous screaming eagle insignia of the 101st Airborne and the B version sports the unit markings of the 82nd Airborne

Priced at $33, available now with 120 of each version being produced

 ATW009 ‘Shush’ was inspired by a scene from the film ‘The longest Day’ in which a US Paratrooper lands inside the greenhouse of an old lady during the early hours of the Normandy campaign. As a child I always used to laugh when the Paratrooper put his finger to his lips and whispered ‘Shush’ which seemed to frighten the old lady no end, before she scurried back inside!

We have modified our version with 2 young French girls instead of an old lady,
who have just come across a Paratrooper as he dashes off to find his comrades

The A version comes with the US soldier wearing a helmet and the markings of the 82nd Airborne (ATW!) and the B version comes with our soldier sporting the uniform markings of the 101st Airborne and a Mohican haircut! Available now and priced at $64 with each version limited to 120 pieces

 GW/LOA005 Stokes Mortar Set features two Allied soldiers launching another round towards the German Lines. Our GW version is suitable for somewhere in France with two Tommie’s in soft caps, the LOA versions will be suitable for a Middle East setting. The A version of our LOA set features for the first time Ghurkha soldiers who appear to be giving the enemy hell! Lawrence of Arabia used Ghurkha and Indian army soldiers in his raids against the Turks, it therefore seemed fitting to include these elite fighting troops in our latest release. The B version features British troops in Pith hats also giving the Turks hell! Priced at $75 each set, limited to 100 of each version and available now!

 GW/LOA006 Allied Officer WW1. A super looking figure that can be used in any number of dioramas. Will definitely look the part kneeling next to our earlier Hotchkiss MG team or new Stokes Mortar set. The GW version is titled Australian officer Western Front and wears the uniform indicative for an Aussie officer serving on the front line during that period. Moving East our LOA A version figure wears a Pith hat with tropical dress and our final LOA B version wears the uniform and headdress of the now famous Light Horse Regiment. Each piece limited to 100, priced at $32 and available now. The Light Horse version has already been heavily pre-ordered and I would recommend an early reservation if you require this figure

That just about wraps it up for TGM this month so, until next time, be lucky and happy hunting!

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