Sunday, 27 January 2013

Latest Additions: K&C Waffen SS

As promised, here's the next installment in my LA series of posts. All the figure sets featured here are K&C recent retirements so may, or may not, still be available from your local dealer

The first figure, a kneeling NCO giving orders to his comrades, is part of a series of figures dressed in late war pea-dot camo and represents men of the elite SS Panzer Divisions fighting in Normandy in 1944/45

The only other figure I currently have from this series is a stricken trooper, lying on his back and clutching his bloodied mid riff, having been gunned down by the enemy. It occurred to me that both of them would look rather good riding in the back of the Raupenschlepper, [also pictured], provided they both actually fit!

The following two figure sets also depict fallen, or stricken, soldiers. In addition to these new acquisitions I also have an injured soldier being attended to by a medic, or sani, produced by Thomas Gunn Miniatures so I got to thinking, why not put together a smallish diorama featuring a collection of troopers being looked after in a makeshift field hospital

The Raupenschlepper could be commissioned as a makeshift ambulance and/or, subject to availability, I could call upon the services of the medical Kubelwagen and red cross emblazoned Opel Blitz both produced by TGM. Definitely an idea worth working on!

'This way to the field hospital, comrade'

The Raupenschlepper is a fabulous multi-purpose vehicle, both the real world version and the model one produced by K&C. You can use it to tow guns or carry supplies or, why not, a wounded soldier or two. It's pictured here with and without its canvas soft top and with the stowage which comes with the TGM Opel Blitz [field grey version] as well as those supplied with the model

As you can see from the above photo the TGM stowage comes with a couple of red cross boxes, made to measure for a field hospital diorama! It's definitely a goer. All I really need now is a couple more vehicles.....

I'll keep you posted. Happy hunting!

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