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JJD: May Releases

News from the team over at JJD UK

Uncle Sam’s finest tosses his hat in the ring. American ace of the 94th Aero Squadron USAS Eddie Rickenbacker’s SPAD XIII S.4523. The squadron was first organised on 20th August 1917, at Kelly Field Texas and was deployed to France soon afterwards.

Watch the video of Eddie Rickenbacker’s SPAD on JJD UK TV.

Following the popularity of the first, a second set of British Pilots, designed specifically to fit with the Sopwith Camels, and suitable for most other planes. One pilot is giving the ‘thumbs up’, perhaps signalling to the ground crew prior to take off or to a fellow pilot of an imminent altitude change.

Lt. C. B. Arnold, commander of the British Whippet Tank 344, also known as ‘Musical Box’. Arnold’s exploits in his Whippet are the stuff boy’s own adventures are made of. You can read more about his exploits in the JJD UK Gallery.

The first of 14 figures for the 35th Regiment of foot arrives, a Line infantry marching set. The 35th Regiment of Foot was active in North America during the French Indian War from 1756 until 1763 and is probably best known for serving at Fort William Henry, during the siege in which the fort was overwhelmed by General Montcalm’s French forces. This set is available as a single figure set as well as a four figure boxed set.

‘Knock knock’,
‘Who’s there?’
‘Prussians who?’
‘Prussians who have given up ‘axeing’ nicely to come in!’

This wonderfully animated Battle of Leuthen set adds immediate character to the collection and leaps straight out of Carl Rochling’s painting ‘DieSchlacht Von Leuthen'.

Baron Dominique Jean Larrey, who served as Surgeon-in-chief of Napoleon’s army from Italy to Waterloo implemented the modern method of combining an Army Surgery, field hospitals and a system of Ambulances. Noticing the speed at which French Artillery carriages manoeuvred on the field, he adapted a similar system to the French Ambulance allowing them to rapidly transport the wounded, manned by trained crews of drivers and litter bearers.

The characteristic windmills of Portugal and Spain, positioned on hills and ridges, played an unwitting role of strategic importance as command posts during many of the major battles of the Peninsular War. At Busacco, Massena, the French commander was positioned at the windmill at Moura, whilst on the opposing ridge, Crauford used the windmill at Sula for his command post.

Display your collection with pride

How do you display your collection? Have you ever wanted to display a museum quality diorama on your own shelf or in your cabinet? If you don’t have the time, tools, workshop space or are not yet confident in your hobby skills, The Sudan Desert Boards are the ideal solution for anyone who wants a professional diorama base board without the hassle. Perfect for collectors with Ikea ‘Billy’ bookcases and similar shelf or cabinet displays.

The Sudan Desert boards are designed to be used with The First War in Sudan collection and are equally suited for the Peninsular War, Chippawa and Spanish Civil War Ranges.

The Sudan display boards are ready to use straight out of the box, painted and flocked. Join both Desert Board 1 and Desert Board 2 to display half a British square and join two of each for a stunning coffee table display of a full square.
Back in Production - Updates

TT-01 Ticonderoga - French Defences 1 – shipping June 2013

Club Set Releases

JJCLUBSET-12 Lieutenant Francis James Buchanan and Light Coehorn Mortar and JJCLUBSET-14 Mortar Wagon have at last arrived. If you have not already received your pre-order of these sets, they should be with you very soon.

JJCLUBSET-15 Roger’s Servant and JJCLUBSET-16 English Travelling Blacksmith’s Forge are due delivery from the beginning of June.

Intel and Reconnaissance

When James visited John at his workshop in Hong Kong, John rather teasingly said he’s had to hide so many things it has taken him most of the morning to pack them all away. He also allowed some exclusive sneak previews of figures including a French officer and Grenadiers at Ticonderoga. All these shots and more can be found on our Intel and Reconnaissance page.

London Toy Soldier Show

JJD UK will be appearing at the London Toy Soldier Show, Saturday 8th June 2013 at The Islington Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH. Book your tickets now.

You will find us on the atrium level, beside the doors to the stairs. Watch our videos of previous Toy Soldier Shows at JJD UK TV. We look forward to seeing you there. Keep up to date with all our show appearances and see more details about the venue on the JJD UK Show Calendar.

That about wraps it up for this month. Stay tuned for more news next month and in the mean time, happy hunting! 

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