Monday, 6 May 2013

King and Country: Dispatches

Hello there and welcome to the latest King and Country Dispatches, only with a bit of a difference. Read on and all will be revealed!


        Welcome to a “DISPATCHES” with a difference…From this month we’ve decided to limit “DISPATCHES” to news of what will be appearing in just that particular month.

        So no advance warning on what will be available the following month…sorry!  This way we hope to keep collectors and dealers focused on what will actually be ready and available for shipping over the next 30 days…plus why provide competitors with additional info on what we’ve got in the pipeline!

        Of course with all rules there will be exceptions and from time to time, if and when we have something unique, we will announce it in advance either with “DISPATCHES” or in a special announcement at any time during the month.

So, all the figures available for sale this month are the ones previewed in last month's post meaning, in short, that there's nothing new to report on save to tell you what's being retired. Heading for the hills this month are the following and, bearing in mind I've got no new eye candy to show you, I thought I'd add some pictures of all those figure sets heading for the hills, courtesy of the guys at The Toy Soldiers Club in Canada

AL013 Turkish Soldier Reaching for Bayonet
AL020 Fighting Duo
AL022 Turkish Casualty
BBA041 Fire Team
BBA042 Kneeling Officer w/ Bino
BBA043 Teen-age Prisoners
BBA044 Kneeling NCO w/ Tommy Gun
BBG034 "Over There!"
BBG036 Gun Commander

BBG037 "Walking Forward"
BBG044 Bastogne Signpost
BBG045 Malmedy Signpost
EA032 Saluting Scottish Officer
EA033 Presenting Arms Scottish Soldier
EA034 Saluting Gurkha Officer
EA035 Standing at attention Gurkha Soldier
EA036 Marching Indian Army Officer
EA037 Marching Indian Soldier

EA038 Guards Sergeant
EA039 Guardsman Shoulder Arms
FOB062 The Refugee Cart
FOB063 Old Woman by the Road
FOB064 The Pram Sets
FOB065 Father & Son
FOB066 The Old Couple
LAH090 SA Chief-of-Staff Viktor Lutze
LAH133 The Bill Posters

LAH134 Nazi Billboard
NA195 Cannon Set
NA196 Artillery Commander Set
NA197 Alternative Gun Crew
NA198 Howitzer Cannon
RAF001 Air Chief Marshall Sir Hugh Dowding
RAF002 Squadron Leader Douglas Bader

Quite a formidable list, I'm sure you'll agree, and two items on it that I purchased as soon as I read it. I was fortunate enough to grab the last two on the shelves of K&C UK, 1 each of LAH 133 and LAH 134. Phew! I hope you're just as lucky with whatever purchases you have planned. Happy hunting! 

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