Saturday, 25 May 2013

Latest Additions: Airgun Crazy

Hi folks. A while ago I posted about a new interest, namely shooting 'real' guns as opposed to airsoft replicas. The other day, last Tuesday to be precise, I finally took the plunge and invested in an air rifle and a bag-load of other bits and pieces that I simply had to have as well

The goodies came from John Knibbs International, aka Airgun Spares, aka The Countrystore, a small yet beautifully proportioned family run business in Shustoke in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside

The goodies in question are pictured below

The Weihrauch HW100T, full length, complete with moderator

The MTC Viper scope [6-24 X 56 IR] was mounted and zeroed by Alex, the young chap who handled my order, and very well done it was, too. I put a mag through it on their range, holding the gun on my elbows and shooting at spinners 30 yards away and it was sweet as a nut!

This SCB, part mildot, part 'Christmas tree' reticule is just the ticket. It even lights up, just like every good Christmas tree should!

These very comfortable and snug-fitting MacWet gloves were a special order item so if there's anything you want that they don't ordinarily stock, they will do their best to get it for you

If you look closely at the rear of the rifle [pictured above] you will notice a nickel plated swivel screw fixed towards the rear of the stock. That was done while I waited by one of the gunsmiths at the store in readiness for attaching the American made sling in this picture, the other end of which will fix onto the front of the bipod

This Deben bipod is a very nice spring loaded, tilting affair with a quick-release/locking lever on the front

No airgun setup would be complete without an air bottle to top up the rifle with. This 3 litre capacity bottle is easy to store and equally easy to take down to the range with you should you feel the need.....

.....and this nifty little carry handle makes it even easier and more comfortable to transport

The rifle comes complete with two 14 shot rotary magazines and a black plastic nozzle that attaches to the filling tube. This allows you to replenish the rifle's reservoir via a quick-fill valve on the front of the cylinder without having to take it off

Not an essential piece of kit I don't suppose, but I thought I'd have one. Slipped over the gun whilst in storage, it is supposed to help keep moisture and damp from attacking your pride and joy!

And finally, but by no means least, something to carry it around in. I was initially going to buy a hard case but the single hard case they had in stock was too small and the double, rectangular monster was too much case for a single gun. This leather reinforced, fleece-lined case from BSA makes for a very attractive alternative

So, there you have it. Quite a lot of money spent and a whole load of fun to be had playing with it all

If you're thinking of investing in an air weapon, a shotgun or a tactical .22 semi-automatic you could do a lot worse than give these guys a call. The staff are friendly, approachable and very knowledgeable and the drive there takes you down some very pleasant country lanes which at this time of year are teeming with pheasants!

Happy hunting!

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