Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The Birmingham Toy Soldier Show: News

We are very nearly at the beginning of a new year, reflecting back on the current one and, hopefully, looking forward to the one ahead with all the experiences that it will bring

Whatever it brings we can be certain of at least one thing; some things will change. And so it is with what has been, for the past 23 years at any rate, a constant in the toy soldier hobbyist's calendar, The Birmingham Toy Soldier Show

Like its bigger brother, The London Toy Soldier Show, 2014 will see it morph into something slightly different. The LTSS is now being run by different organisers and held at a different venue. The Birmingham event will continue to be held at The Clarendon Suite in Edgbaston but 'under new management'

After 23 years at the helm, Dave McKenna, supported throughout by his good lady wife, has decided to pass the rudder on to someone else, namely Pat Adams of The British Toy Soldier Company, with sponsorship from W Britains

Let's hope the event continues to prosper and succeed in one of its founders original goals, to bring the fascinating hobby of toy soldier collecting to a new and expanding audience

Watch this space for further details

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