Sunday, 5 January 2014

Latest Additions: Part 1

It's January 5th, 2014 and I'm kicking the year off with the best of intentions, starting as I mean to go on etc. etc. and posting a few items fairly early on in the month! How long will that continue I wonder?

The following two posts feature a handful of recently retired figures I purchased from K and C shortly before Christmas. First up, some figures from their Streets of Berlin series, together with a personality figure from another range, all of which I picked up from Sierra Toy Soldier over in the US

Konstantin Hierl, Leader of the Reich Labour Service

The figure of Konstantin Hierl, pictured above, will more than likely be placed alongside Hitler on the K&C Nuremberg podium I already have. The picture below shows Hierl standing alongside the Fuhrer at a party rally and comes from a photo book dedicated to Hierl and published in 1939

A page from the photo book about Hierl by Herbert Erb

The remaining pictures are of various SA troopers, all part of the Streets of Berlin series. The plan at the moment is to feature these, and several other SA, Hitler Jugend, BDM and Allgemeine SS figures, as part of a Berlin street scene diorama which I am in the very early stages of commissioning from David Marshall. More on that as it happens!

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