Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: Wooden Warbirds

 The latest from TGM regarding their new Wooden Warbirds venture

Dear All

We are delighted to release pictures of our latest WW1 & WW2 wooden
Warbirds, namely the DH9 'Ninak' bomber, the Dornier 335 with 20mm wing
cannon and the 2 seat ME262 night fighter flown by Kurt Welter!

The DH9 Ninak was a late Allied war bomber that saw service with the British
and American forces. The aircraft boasted a wingspan of nearly 46 ft and was
over 30 ft long, quite a large aircraft for its time when you consider the
tiny size of the fighter planes of this era.  The DH9 was armed with a
forward firing Vickers machine gun and could be armed with 1 or 2 lewis
machine guns fitted to a scarf ring at the rear, 300kg of bombs could also
be carried.

Our 1/30 scale wooden aircraft come in 2 options: A USMC version (WOW 006)
from September 1918 and a late war RAF version (WOW 007). Both come with a
full interior and a separate figure shown in the photos that will only
enhance your display, as this is the only 1/30 scale version of this
aircraft on the market it is a 'must buy' for any serious Allied WW1
aircraft collector.

We have limited production to 10 of each version and have priced them at
$450, which hopefully means they will not be around for long! Each aircraft
takes around 60 hours to make and has over 30 layers of paint applied by
hand, first class workmanship from a bygone era one might say.

WOW008: The Dornier 335 was one of the greatest piston engine fighter planes
never to see combat although it had several encounters with Allied fighters.
The German pilots were ordered not to engage and simply out flew the Allied
pilots, who had no chance of catching this formidable aircraft. An
experimental version was fitted with 20mm wing cannon as a possible solution
to attacking Allied bomber formations. 

This aircraft was captured after WW2
and later flew in French colours where it was used as a test aircraft. The
Dornier 335 was an extremely large fighter aircraft with a wing span of 45ft
and a fuselage of approximately the same dimensions, this means that its
also a very impressive looking piece in 1/30 scale.

WOW009: Kurt Welters ME262 comes with pilot figure of Kurt Welter & his dog
Schnapps, all other figures and vehicles in the photos are shown for
reference purposes only. The table with Neptun radar is also included in the
set but will follow later.

Kurt Welter was one of the most successful jet aces of WW2 with 63 claims
amongst his tally including 33 Mosquitoes. Welter was awarded the Knights
cross in 1944 and survived the war only to be killed in an automobile
accident in 1949.

Our ME262 features twin seats, interior, drop fuel tanks plus external radar
fitted into the nose.

A big thanks to Paul Tremblay who spent a lot of time helping us with this

Both German WW2 aircraft priced at $599 (plus P&P) and available by sending
an email to

Best wishes Vicki Lucas
TGM Marketing Manager

Happy Hunting!

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