Monday, 22 December 2014

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: Wings of War New Releases

Three new releases to add to the growing collection of fabulous wooden aircraft from TGM, this time in the shape of these magnificent German machines

Wings of War 017

Fokker Eindecker flown by Anthony Fokker and Otto Parschau
(8 kills) The Eindecker was the first German fighter aircraft with a
synchronised machine gun that allowed it to fire through the propeller. This
gave the aircraft a distinct advantage over Allied planes at the time and
gave rise to the fabled 'Fokker Scourge' during the period 1915 to early

Early Fokkers were armed with 1 machine gun with some later versions even
featuring 3 machine guns.

Our Fokker Eindecker is decked out in a fetching green and beige colour
scheme and was initially flown by Anthony Fokker and Otto Parschau (8

Parschau was killed following aerial combat on 25th July in 1916, he was 25
years old.

Our model comes with a 1/30 scale pilot figure adjusting his helmet whilst
another takes a snap shot for the family back home! Limited edition of 7
aircraft and priced at $399 plus postage and packing. Please note no Club
figures are supplied with this product.

Wings of War 018

Our second all green Fokker Eindecker is the one flown by Max Immelmann, the
'first' German aerial ace and also one of the first to receive the 'Blue
Max' presented by the Kaiser in 1916 along with Oswald Boelcke. Immelmann is
credited with 15 victories but was killed by the crew of an FE2 'Pusher' in
1916 aged 25 years old.

Once again this aircraft comes with 2 pilot figures, is priced at $399 plus
P&P and is limited to 7 in number worldwide.

A special thanks to Uwe Philippi from Germany and Bob from Florida who both
pestered us here at TGM to make an Immelmann Eindecker, despite our
reservations! I am very happy to say we followed through with their
recommendations and the final result is really something special.

Wings of War 019

The Halberstadt was a very capable 2 seater ground attack/escort fighter
that saw service during WW1. It had an excellent rate of climb and speed and
was still in service at the end of WW1.

Our second Halberstadt comes in a very colourful yellow and red scheme and
was flown by Max Niemann.

Limited to 14 in number worldwide and priced at $499 plus P&P. Also comes
with GW041B German sentry figure but please note, no Club figure is included
with this purchase.

Happy Hunting!

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