Sunday, 10 May 2015

John Jenkins Designs: Sad News

This news arrived in my inbox nearly a month ago now, so apologies if you have already heard it. Nevertheless, I thought I'd share it here just in case it had slipped under your radar. It concerns JJDUK who have been the sole dealers for John's figures here in the UK for some time. Read on.....

Whilst you will still find us at ready and waiting to dispatch your order, it is with much regret we announce that due to personal commitments and the development of both our other individual businesses we are unable to give JJD UK the time and commitment it deserves and will no longer be acting as the sole and exclusive UK dealer for John Jenkins Designs.
The April releases mark the final set of new releases listed for sale via JJD UK. As of immediate effect JJD UK will no longer list new releases for Pre-Order and will be unable to order in any historic sets. We do however have our current stock to sell and this may be the last chance to pick up those sets you've been putting off.
We have enjoyed immeasurably bringing burgundy bundles of joy to you all. We have made many great new friends and enjoyed meeting each and every one of you at the shows, and our shared passion for John's amazing work.
Thank you: for the warm welcome we received from the Toy Soldier community, for always making our day, for the book, film, documentary and war-game recommendations, for your letters, emails and postcards full of thanks and joy and for making it possible for us to turn our passion for John's figures into something special. Without you, none of this would have been possible. We appreciate you all.
When we took on the UK dealership as the sole and exclusive UK dealer, we were able to concentrate all our energies toward it. Our circumstances have changed considerably in the last few years and we are now unable to give it the focus it deserves.
We are open for business as usual and still have good stocks of many historic lines. We’d recommend you check out our Retired But Still Available sets, so please visit the JJD UK website and watch this space for news regarding opportunities to acquire some of the custom display boards we made to showcase John’s incredible ranges at the Toy Soldier shows.

If you have Pre-Ordered a collector’s club set, don’t panic, we are discussing with John all pre-orders of collector’s club sets that are yet to be shipped. We will be in touch individually as soon as we understand our position regarding these sets.
Happy collecting
James and Adam

On a happier note, the new UK dealers are husband and wife team, Sue and Clive, over at Grey Goose Collectables, although on their website they only have the newly released stuff currently displayed

Happy Hunting! 

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