Saturday, 30 May 2015

Thomas Gunn Miniatures: New Germans

Three new Germans for May from TGM! Nice and simple. Enjoy!

CLUB 20 features Hans Phillip, a Luftwaffe ace and Knights Cross recipient
with over 200 victories mainly on the Eastern Front. Phillip's plane was hit
by a B17 gunner in October 1943, there is also speculation he was hit by a
P47 Thunderbolt flown by Robert Johnson. As Phillip tried to nurse his plane
back to his airfield he was forced to bail out at 50 metres where his
parachute failed to open.
He was buried with full military honours on 14th October 1943.
This figure of Phillip with one of his units mascots, a tame fox, is free to
all Club members who spend $150 or more thru our can be purchased separately
on our website for the normal RRP of $40.

FJ017B The B version of our very popular running FJ but this time with some
snow added to his base so he can now be incorporated in a Russian winter
setting or a BOB dio. Limited to 100 in number and priced at $40 per figure.

GW054 German Ground Crew/Mechanic with toolbox. A great little figure
smoking a pipe that will look suitable in any airfield diorama or maybe next
to our A7 tank carrying out some repairs? Non smoking sign also included
with this set!
Limited to 100 in number and priced at $43.50/£32

Happy Hunting!

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