Monday, 13 December 2010

Recent Releases from The Collectors Showcase

Good evening toy soldier collectors everywhere. I just thought I'd share with you a number of recently released, or soon to be released, offerings I particularly like from our friends in America, The Collectors Showcase

I'm not really a fan of their figures, although their quirkiness interests me and they are certainly possessed of a style uniquely their own, but I think their vehicles offer real value for money. In my opinion the standard of painting on their figures is inferior, by and large, to that of their main rivals but the vehicles hold their own and in some ways I prefer them to those produced by King and Country. The camouflage schemes are clear and bright, the vehicles themselves are beautifully detailed for the money and they all come with moving guns, opening hatches and/or doors, and optional thrown tracks. Oh yes, and all the tanks currently come in a variety of finishes, with and without zimmerit and in summer and winter versions, too

One of their newest vehicles is the Wespe. It was one of the most successful mobile artillery platforms the Germans built. Used in strength to reduce enemy positions when needed and not a bad vehicle on the retreat either! This model comes with two figures, a gun that elevates and traverses, and the CS signature thrown track option included. If that wasn't enough the interior is perfectly detailed with discarded equipment and extra rounds of ammo. It's also nicely weathered with mud, signs of wear and chips to the paintwork! There is a winter version of this beauty, too

The PzKfIV Ausf. G comes complete with the optional thrown track and a complete set of Shurzen, a casualty figure, rear stowage ( helmet and crates ), two crew figures, a destroyed idle wheel, copula machine gun, open and closing hatches and also a removable side Shurzen plate. If that wasn't enough there are two, two-figure booster sets available for each variant (summer and winter) comprising two 'riders' and two 'jumpers'. The riders also come with separate terrain bases for use on the ground. This vehicle is also available without zimmerit

Two tank 'riders' also available in a winter version, wearing greatcoats!

Two 'jumpers'. Also available in greatcoats for the winter versions of the vehicles

This brand new Steyr 1500 is the best command car ever. This Austrian built car was built by Auto Union and about five thousand of these vehicles were ultimately produced during the war. Used from the Eastern front all the way to Tunisia the vehicle developed quite a reliable record and transported many commanders during its time in service. This Normandy version sports LAH insignia and has a brand new Sepp Dietrich command figure as an add on. The vehicle comes with two figures, one of which is the infamous Kurt 'Panzer' Meyer! Included in the set is a removable top: have the top up or down. All doors open and close and the wheels move!
The new Sepp Dietrich figure complete with separate terrain base to allow you to stand him in the Steyr, if you so desire!

And finally, but by no means least, a series of King Tigers. The first, with a Henschel turret, comes with or without zimmerit, and there's a winter version, too.....

.....and the second, with a Porsche turret, also comes with or without zimmerit, and there's a winter version, too. Beautiful
The 'add on' for the KTs comes in the shape of these rather determined looking shell loaders. They and their vehicles are due for release in January, 2011 and I, for one, can't wait to feast my eyes on them!
So, there you have it. A few of the more recent goodies from TCS. You never know, if you write a grovelling letter to Santa you might be able to arrange for one or two to fill a hole in your stocking this Christmas. Happy collecting

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