Sunday, 19 December 2010

Magpul Masada Folding Stock

The long awaited Magpul PTS Masada/ACR folding stock has arrived! This stock is of a very high quality and is made from DuPont polymer. The stock is spring loaded and easily folds to the side. It is attached to the rifle with minimal effort and fuss by using 2 pins. It has a compartment to hold batteries, 7 length settings and an adjustable cheek riser. The stock is available in Dark Earth, Foliage Green and Black

The new folding stock, available in three colours

The new stock is just the first of many planned 'add ons' for the Magpul Masada. Another stock, suppressors, front-end and barrel assemblies are all in the pipeline and promise to make the Masada a readily adaptable piece of kit, allowing the player to have two or three guns in one. The video below shows the stock in all its glory

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Chris said...

i would not reccomend one unless the folding bit is very important, as they tend to pull out a lot when you dont want it, and the solid stock is nice , i only use my folding stock on mine due to the fact i bought it lol