Monday, 20 December 2010

First Legion Crusading Knights

First Legion have recently released a number of Crusading medieval knights, together with a handful of mercenary soldiers to fight alongside them, as part of their range depicting the Fall of Acre in 1291. The knights represent the Military Orders, the Templars, the Hospitallers and the Teutonic knights

A selection of the Military Order knights currently available

Placing the figures in their historical context, the Crusader state has long been in a period of decline. The city of Acre stands alone as the last bastion of Crusader power in the Holy Land. Defended by the Military Holy Orders and various allies, Acre has now come under siege by the powerful Mamluk armies lead by Sultan Khalil. A fierce struggle ensues and the result is the final collapse of the Crusader State

First Legion's initial focus is the Siege of Acre in 1291 and will feature knights of the Templar, Teutonic, and Hospitaller Holy Military Orders, along with their European allies, and even the forces of Henry the II of Cyprus, King of Jerusalem. Famous personalities such as Grand Master of the Hospitallers Jean de Villiers, Marshal Matthew de Clermont, and the Templar Grand Master Guillaume de Beaujeu, to name but a few, will be represented fighting a stoic defense against the unstoppable power of the Mamluk forces arrayed against them

The range will also bring to life the great armies of the Mamluks who dominated the Holy Land in the 13th Century. From simple soldiers, to great siege engines, to personalities, First Legion promises to cover this epic conflict in all its glorious detail

For further details, and pictures of all the figures currently available, visit First Legion's website. Meanwhile, take a look at the three Teutonics currently on the market and allow them to whet your appetite

Teutonic Knight Standard Bearer, advancing

Teutonic Knight swinging axe

Teutonic Knight with sword and cape

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