Thursday, 21 April 2011

Airsoft: Tour of Duty - WW2

A little while ago I posted an item about a WW2 themed game due to be held at my regular skirmish site, Fireball Squadron. Thanks to other commitments I was unable to attend but am delighted to report that the event, which took place last Saturday, April 16th, has been heralded a success by the organisers with a similar game being planned for later in the year, July 16th to be precise. Put it in your diary, you know you want to!

One of the Allied side, looking a little bit too relaxed for my liking!
Although I was unable to attend, a friend of mine who attended and played on the German side kindly agreed to pass on his thoughts about the game and has given me permission to include them as part of this post. This is what he had to say:

Hi Dave,

The game was quite good. I did enjoy it, but the allies had the upper hand [boo, hiss, bah! Ed],  being made up of people who were regulars at Fireball and knew the ground. A lot of the Germans were first-timers to Fireball [one of the organisers informs me that there were 10 players on each side and that 6 or 7 of the Germans were newbies to the site]

One of the aforementioned FB regulars about to see some action
I was really surprised as to how big the area was. It was really good to play somewhere other than Gunman Midlands or Honiley. The people were very friendly and welcoming and I wouldn't hesitate going back for the second WW2 game or even Black Op's? We didn't have much leadership on the Axis side - [well, of course, I wasn’t there.....uh hmmmm!] people just seemed to wonder around doing their own thing whereas the Allies worked in groups with their medics close to hand at all times. Ours were nowhere to be seen, so that was a little let down for me, but it seems as though this will all be sorted by the next game according to Chris on the forum. 

Another of the FB regulars, resplendent with his medic armband clearly visible! He often plays the same role at the monthly woodland games
All in all a good day. Bloody knackered after though... but good to do a shoot.



I leave you with a couple of shots of the Allied side [don't know why there weren't any shots of the Germans taken. Seems like favouritism to me!] looking for all the world like a load of self-assured, cocky, good-for-nothing layabouts! Can't wait for the next game, lads. Get ready for an ass kicking!

In all seriousness, folks, a big thanks to Chris, pictured above, and all the regulars at FB, including the management team, for organising the event and opening the site and the club hut. I really am looking forward to the next one and will certainly do all in my power to be there. Bring on July 16th!

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