Sunday, 20 May 2012

King and Country Dispatches

Full details of everything being released by K&C this month are available on the company website which you can reach very easily by clicking on the following link: K&C Dispatches

I've included in this post a few pictures showing some of the highlights together with a list of all those figures sets being retired

First up, some WW1 German airmen and ground crew to complement the recently released fighter aircraft featured in a previous post a couple of months ago

One of the leading German aces and an influential tactician of the early years of air combat.
is considered the father of the German fighter air force with 40 victories... He was killed in 1916. Here, he celebrates his latest "kill" with a bottle of champagne

Sticking with the air force theme K&C will be releasing some more Second World War Luftwaffe figures due to be available towards the end of June

LW051 "Feldwebel Willi Reschke"
  One of JG 301's "Dora" pilots shouts encouragement to his squadron mate... Reschke survived the war with a total of 27 "victories" and was awarded the "Knight's Cross"

LW052 "Oberfeldwebel Walter Loos"
Giving the " thumbs-up" this well-respected ace shot down 38 enemy aircraft including 22 four engine American "heavies" and 8 Soviet aircraft

LW053 "Luftwaffe Topolino"
By this late stage of the war the Germans would use any and every vehicle they could lay their hands on... This little civilian Fiat 500 A "Topolino" now has a Luftwaffe pilot behind the wheel

LW049 "Focke-Wulf FW190 "Dora"
"Yellow 15" was flown with Jagdeschwader (JG) 301 by several different pilots. It boasts the red and yellow "Defence of the Reich" fuselage bands and is in typical later war "mixed" German camouflage with a center-line drop tank.
Our model's sliding canopy allows you to fit in LW050, our "exiting" pilot figure

Also due for arrival around about the middle or end of June will be these two additions to their flagship Berlin '38 series of figures

LAH157 "General Gerd Von Runstedt"
A pre-war Von Runstedt on a tour-of-inspection

LAH155 "1938 Hitler Saluting"
Der Fuhrer in a more confident mood before he heard about the "Tommy" and his portrait!!!

Finally, but by no means least, another addition to their revamped and improved range of Normandy buildings will be available at around the same time

SP051 "The Normandy Garage"
Decorated with all kinds of enamel signs and posters this garage has also suffered some serious battle-damage.
Put it alongside our first two releases, or let it stand alone, and add a few accessories plus some soldiers and a fighting vehicle or two and... voila... instant diorama!

And now for the retirements

AK051 “Afrika Korps Guardbox ‘Special’”
AK073 “Afrika Korps Airfield Hut
DD076 “Combat Photographer”
DD079 “Gen. Omar Bradley”
DD126 “D Day Minus One”
DD127 “US Army Rangers, Standing Rifleman”
DD128 “US Army Rangers, Standing B.A.R. Gunner
DD129 “Standing Medic”
DD132 “US Beachmaster Set”
DD133 “Marching w/Rifle Slung”
DD134 “Marching Ranger Officer
DD136 “Dismounted British Tank Crewmen”
EA017 “Major David Stirling”
NE003 “Flagbearer”
WS153 “German Tankers”
WS154 “SS Hauptsturm Fuhrer Hans Weiss”
WS155 “Standing Tank Officer”
WS156 “Panzer Crewman on Parade”
WS157 “Panzer Guard at Attention”
WS158 “Panzer Guard Marching”
WS159 “Panzer Tank Ace”
WS160 “German Tank Ace”

That's all for this month folks. Until next time, happy hunting!

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