Monday, 17 September 2012

Thomas Gunn: September Update!

Just last night I posted about a number of new releases from TGM. Well, here I am again giving you a summary of the update I received in my inbox not long after I had put that previous post together. Enjoy!

Dear All
A few notes for you all prior to the Chicago show taking over everything! First piece of news is that ACCPACK 003 is now all sold out here, within 1 week of its launch. This was somewhat of a surprise as we expected to have these here for some time and gradually sell out over the next year or so. For those of you after one of these pieces I recommend you contact your dealer as soon as possible
Not far behind the ACCPACK in the sales stakes is the Blitz 3 Ton truck, especially the grey version which has nearly sold out here. Once again do not delay in placing your order as we will not be making another grey truck for the foreseeable future
I have attached pictures of our PAK 40 Anniversary set which will be making its debut at Chicago. A few dealers have been sent 1 of each version for display purposes at the show. Strictly limited to 150 of each piece the Anniversary sets are always a popular set and well worth taking a look at. I will save the main spiel for the Anniversary set for next month's newsletter, however I believe the pictures speak for themselves

As an added bonus I have also attached pictures of our new Nebelwerfer also due out in the next month or so. Our version comes in 3 camo schemes (the usual suspects, Normandy, Winter and Desert) and is limited to 120 of each

The crew figure can be purchased separately and combined with the Nebelwerfer if so desired. Only 100 of each crew member has been made 
Prices yet to be decided but as you all know we try to make everything of a high standard but at the same time affordable
Thank you for taking the time to read this and I will speak to you all next month

Until next time, happy hunting!!

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