Friday, 28 December 2012

JJD: January Releases

Hot on the heels of my last post concerning JJD's December releases comes news of what's in store for January 2013, as promised! Further details are available on the company website, JJD UK

John Jenkins Designs New Releases for January 2013:

ACE-15P Knights Of The Skies - Ernst Udet and Lola
ACE-17 Knights Of The Skies - Albatros DIII, “Blaue Maus” Jasta 2, March 1917 (Frommherz)
ACE-17P Knights Of The Skies - Ltn. Hermann Frommherz  - Hard Luck Hermann
PSG-05 The Peninsular War - Spanish Guerillas, Two Monks Loading and Firing
LEUT-10 Battle of Leuthen, Leuthen Churchyard Gateway
BCHLIMB-05 British Corps of Artillery - Driver
SRNGUN-02 The Sudan - British Naval Brigade, 5 Barelled Gardner Gun
SRN-10 The Sudan - British Naval Brigade, Wounded Sailor and Helper
ACWM-01 American Civil War - U.S. MARINES 1861-1865, 2 Figures standing
ACWM-01N American Civil War - Union Marine Corps 1861-1865, 4 Figures
BAL-07A8 Battle On The Monongahela - Pack Horse #3
BAL-08B Battle On The Monongahela - Pack Horse #4

Collector's Club

JJCLUB-2013A Collector Club Membership - Battle Of The Plains Of Abraham 1759, British, 35th Regiment of Foot, Private Jenkins
JJCLUB-2013B Collector Club Membership The Peninsular War 1807-1814, British 95th Rifles, 2nd Battalion, Captain John Jenkins
JJCLUB-2013C Collector Club Membership - Knights of the Skies, Captain William Stan

Happy hunting!

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