Friday, 28 December 2012

JJD: December Releases

Not exactly hot off the press this one, but read on to discover what JJD announced earlier this month. As always, further information is available from JJD UK

December Releases
Another Jasta from Richthofen’s Flying Circus, flown by the young Ernst Udet, joins the Knights of The Skies in its striking ‘optical illusion’ livery
The British ground crew are joined by part 2 of the ‘Chocs Away’ starter set with another two flavoursome figures
Across the trenches a third German Mechanic and Accessories set arrives to ensure the machines of the Flying Circus are maintained in perfect running order to all the better to keep those English gentlemen on their toes

Two more limited edition collector’s club sets begin their preview period
Roger’s Servant, who served the man for many years, became separated from Rogers during the Battle on Snowshoes and found himself travelling with Captain Henry Pringle and Lt. Boyle Roche. Pringle wrote during the retreat “one night the servant straggled from us, where he sat down, fell asleep and died immediately, tho a very strong man.”
English Travelling Blacksmith’s Forge. In ideal situations, each British field artillery battery would have a travelling forge to accompany it on campaign. Travelling forges had to be light and portable, to ensure they could properly repair any carriage that had become disabled wherever they were needed

The clamour continues to rise at the Battle of Leuthen with an additional set of Prussian Grenadiers advancing upon the gate

First featured in the caption competition the Ruined Spanish House is the first of a series of terrain pieces in a Mediterranean style, this model will make the perfect backdrop to any Peninsular War or Spanish Civil War diorama. The model is highly detailed and being finished on both sides it can be used a number of ways
Two more of Napoleon’s ‘fighting cocks’ stand firm in the heat of the Peninsular sun in the Portuguese Cazadores firing line.
The ranks of the local forces swell in The Sudan with the addition of two new sets. The first sees two dynamic sculpts - Mahdists charging into the British lines and the second brings firepower to bear to the thin tartan line with two Beja warriors with rifles.


JJD UK is delighted to announce the launch of a range of high quality Trees for the modeller and diorama enthusiast now available on our website. They are suitable for fixing into terrain board and we are currently prototyping a range of bases for use in shelf displays

First previewed in 2011 and refined with input from collectors all around the world, the highly anticipated flying display stands are now available for our Knights of the Skies.
These stunning new stands are compatible with the following planes:
ACE-06 Albert Ball’s Nieuport, ACE-07 Albatros DIII, ACE-08 SE-5a, ACE-14 Barker’s Sopwith Camel, ACE-15 Udet’s ‘Optical Illusion’
The small stand is 5” high and the medium stand is 6 3/4”, both are available separately and as a twin pack (one of each stand) for the dog-fight enthusiasts among us. The screw mechanism allows for some flexibility in positioning, be adventurous and be sure to show us your display

These stands will also be suitable for the forthcoming re-releases of both ACE-01 and ACE-10

The Great War collection launches against the backdrop of the exploits of Lt. C. B. Arnold and his crew on the 8th August 1918, whose actions have been called ‘the greatest mechanical cavalry charge of the war’. Arnold’s Medium Mark A, Whippet Tank, named ‘Musical Box’, managed to; engage a German artillery position, disperse a battalion of infantry, destroy an observation balloon and a transport column of the German 225 Division before being cornered and set ablaze by enemy artillery fire!

More news very shortly about JJD's releases for January 2013. Until then, happy hunting!

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