Tuesday, 11 December 2012

William Britains: WW1 Germans

I don't currently own any Britains figures and I'm not a fan of their more traditional looking glossy toy soldiers. I prefer more realistic, matte painted models and, since I specialise in models representing German military men, I guess it comes as no real surprise to learn that the following figures caught my eye whilst flicking through the pages of the latest issue of Toy Soldier Collector

I've recently started putting together a small collection of late war WW1 stormtroopers and am wondering whether these chaps would make suitable recruits to add to the K&C and TGM figures already purchased. The K&C and TGM figures go quite well together, in respect of both size, proportionality and painting quality but at the moment I have no idea how these soon to be released Britains will compare

Suffice to say, I will have to do a little more research before coming to a final decision! In their own right, and judging from the super size images available on the company website, they look to be very nice figures, well sculpted with plenty of equipment and other interesting details and painted to a pretty high standard, especially when you factor in the price which is set at £25.99 for each of the individual figure sets and £59.99 for the two man flame thrower set which is without doubt the one 'stand out' piece in the series

The pictures give the impression that in terms of their overall appearance they might be a little too 'grey' to stand all that convincingly alongside my existing purchases, but pictures on websites, and in magazines for that matter, can often be deceiving when it comes to things like that. I'm looking forward to seeing them 'in the flesh' so roll on February and I can pop along to my local dealer and make a more accurate appraisal

Until next time, happy hunting!

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