Saturday, 26 January 2013

JJD: Update

This arrived in my inbox just a few days ago and I thought I'd share it with you 

January Releases Update

A quick update on the January releases we are all eagerly anticipating. For a variety of reasons the January releases did not ship as originally planned
John has updated us today and the January releases will now be shipping from 28th of January. We will be shipping all Pre-orders as soon as they arrive, which is anticipated to be the 1st week in February
Release Delays

Unfortunately, both LEUT-10 Leuthen Churchyard Gateway and PSG-05 Spanish Guerrillas, Two Monks Loading and Firing will not be available until mid-March 2013
Club Set Releases

JJCLUBSET-12 Lieutenant Francis James Buchanan and Light Coehorn Mortar and JJCLUBSET-14 Mortar Wagon are at last both in production. Delivery of these limited edition sets is expected in April 2013
JJCLUBSET-15 Roger’s Servant and JJCLUBSET-16 English Travelling Blacksmith’s Forge are now both in pre-order status until 4th March 2013 and there are new images of the painted sets available. If you have not already confirmed your pre-order, please let us know if you want to secure these sets

We recently posted a video of the December Toy Soldier Show on the JJD UK TV page. If you didn’t get a chance to visit the show then take a look since it gives a good feel for what the new venue is like
Happy collecting
James and Adam

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