Saturday, 26 January 2013

John Gittins Miniatures: New for January

The following email arrived in my inbox the other day from JGM so for those of you who admire John's work please read on and take a look at the new products he's added to his range this month

Dear Customer
Please find below a few details of new items for January 2013

S02B small oak (brown)                  RRP £35.00
S04ABush oak (brown)                    RRP £12.50
S09D Birch tree (yellow)                 RRP £12.50
S09E Medium birch tree (yellow)    RRP £25.00

The above are all the same price as the standard green items and the same sizes

S25 Pack of 8 sagebrush for the American West    RRP £20.00


S25A Leaf Litter RRP £5.50, supplied in a bag with card header enough to cover an area 6 inches x 6 inches to a depth of 1/8th of an inch. This can be used with the Autumn Oaks to give a fallen leaf effect around the tree bases

S26 Maple (Orange)             RRP £16.00   
S26A Maple (Red)               RRP £16.00
S26B Maple (Russet)            RRP £16.00 

The above 3 items are all 8 inches high approx. but have wider canopies than for example S09 and S14

S27 Bag of Ivy RRP £6.50. Use loose as ground cover or glue to walls and buildings, extra individual leaves are included for fine detailing

Take a closer look at all of the above items by visiting and entering the appropriate codes in the search box
Happy hunting!

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